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Hi Guys!

I am Tia Adaline. I am a self-proclaimed scent enthusiast, a scented candle junkie. I live in Michigan, United States, with my long time partner and a cat and a dog.

I am an artist, so I am highly sensitive to my environment. I am a homely creature who stays and works from home primarily. I believe that

“All of us deserve love, light and peace everyday in our lives.”

I am always looking for ways to create a comfortable and welcoming environment at home for myself, my family and occasional guests.

My partner works in real estate. You understand how important it is to get an idea of the ‘feel’ of a place before you start living there.

So, I often help my partner stage properties through the use of art work, props and lightening. I use scented candles to create a welcoming and hospitable and livable vibe.

I do complimented a lot by my friends and guests about how lovely my home smells, despite having pets. I do give them recommendations. You can call me a “scented candle whisperer”. This website, Top Scented Candles, is a place of passion where I share my finds and recommendations.

I hope you would find the reviews and recommendations shared here valuable and are able to create a lovely homely environment for yourself and your family.



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