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Archipelago Botanicals Black Forest Soy Candle Review

Archipelago Botanicals Black Forest Soy Candle Review

Archipelago Botanicals Black Forest Soy Candle

Whether you’re looking for a gift or just want to treat yourself, Archipelago Botanicals Black Forest Candle is one the top luxury scented candles. It has been favored by scented candle fans and celebrities alike. Read on and you would learn why:

Archipelago Botanicals Black Forest Candle


Source: Archipelago Botanicals Black Forest Candle on Amazon

Scent Profile: Ebony Woods, Douglas Fir and Black Currant.      Size: 13 Oz
Burn Time: 100 Hours (proven).           Ratings: 4.7 Stars                 Reviews: 35 Amazon Reviews 

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Why the Black Forest Soy Candle is Rihanna’s Favorite Luxury Scented Candle

Black Forest Candle is an exotic blend of of fruity and woody, with a clean and long-lasting burn. It is the scented candle Rihanna prefers to burn in her dressing room on tours. It is not only an enchanting fragrance but a one that relaxes and energizes at the same time.

luxury scented candle, Archipelago Botanicals Black Forest Candle
Source: Charisse Kenion@ Unsplash

The Reasons Why You Would Love this Luxury Scented Candle

If you want to treat the indulge the celebrity in you, go for this Black Forest Current scent. From the fragrance combination to the packaging, there is an air of class in Archipelago Botanicals’ scented candles and this one is no exception.
The soft leather casing around the candle, the soft sole, the letter press printing is minimalist and sophisticated. If you are looking for a manly scented candle to gift, this one is just perfect!

Now let’s come to the fragrance. It is mysterious, unique and so beautiful. The dark, woody, sweet currant scent is refreshing and heavenly. Don’t get fooled by the size, the candle does give a very long burn. So it’s money worth spending.


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