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Are Best Smelling Yankee Scented Candles Worth Spending Money Over?

When it comes to scented candles, Yankee Candles are a household name! Some won’t purchase nothing other than Yankee scented candle, while others have moved on to other alternatives after the recent Yankee candle controversy. One wonders if they are worth the hype and which are the best smelling Yankee Scented candles.

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Are Best Smelling Yankee Scented Candles Worth Spending Money Over?

Are Best Smelling Yankee Scented Candles Worth Spending Money Over?

Image Source: Brittani Burns@Unsplash

How Did Yankee Candles Came About?

How Yankee candles started is a fascinating story in entrepreneurship. In 1969, the 16 years old Michael Kittredge made the first Yankee Candle out of necessity from crayon wax because he couldn’t afford a gift for his mom. He was encouraged by his neighbor to sell his creation to him.

So the young Kittredge invested in wax and started making candles professionally.

Today, Yankee candles is a household name, with over three hundred retailers and authorized Retailers nationwide. The brand is recognizable from the homely jars the scented candles come in. The brand also has candles in other styles such as glass pillars, tumblers, woodwick candles as well and an unimaginable number of home scents and fragrances.

Without a doubt, Yankee candles is one of the top notch, bestseller candle brand, with 340 K Instagram subscribers and more than 1943560 thumbs up on Facebook.

Undoubtedly, Yankee candles has a wide collection of scented, with 600+ and counting scents candles and home fragrances. So, there is something new for Yankee Candle enthusiasts every year and one may never get bored.

They range from the most basic to the most exotic. The per year production of scented candle is more than 200,000,000 candles. An all-new Signature Collection has been launched in 2021.

That isn’t all, there are season-wise products and special occasion ones, candle accessories, as well as fragrances for your home and car, which makes the brand wholesome and an all-rounder.

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Where are Yankee Candles Made?

Yankee candles has always recognized itself as an American brand. The recently reported scent issues with the brand have made consumers wonder whether there is a decline in quality and has Yankee out source its candles to factories in China or Vietnam perhaps. Contrary to the rumors and belief, Yankee Candles are owned by manufactured in Deerfield, Massachusetts by candlemakers called Master chandlers. But there is an overseas production plant in the Czech Republic operating since 2016, which manufactures the Yankee candles supplied in UK. They are labeled ‘Made in Czech Republic’. The quality is the same, as reported by UK-based consumers. Yet there have been instances when the ‘Made in China’ products do come up. So, there is no denying that there are fake and cheap counterfeits of Yankee Candles in the market.

Yankee’s in the recent years has gone through a corporate buy out. In 2016, Jarden and Yankee Candle was taken over by Newell Brands, which also acquired Smith Mountain Industries, the manufacturers of the famous WoodWick® candles in 2017.

So these have been some of the changes that Yankee candles has gone over the years, which have taken nothing from the popularity the brand enjoys.

Why are Yankee Candles so Expensive?

When it comes to price, Yankee candles are considered expensive. The question is that why should you pay this much money for something you can easily get for less in an unbranded version.

The answer is that it’s not just about Yankee candles being branded but it’s about their popularity, distinguishable quality and wide variety that make them as a much sought after scented candle brand.

Here are some of the factors that contribute to an expensive scented candle’s quality and price factor:

The Fragrance Quality – How Best Smelling Yankee Scented Candles Come about

The fragrance quality is what makes a luxury candle brand expensive. Exotic and stronger scent composites can be expensive. Certain fragrances like Jasmine and Rose are distilled through a painstaking process. Tons of raw material is used to acquire a smaller amount of end product.

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Likewise, getting a particular scent “just right” is also a challenge. The lavender can be too flowery, overtly sweet, and hence, too soapy. Similarly, the peppermint scent may end up having too much menthol, and may feel too cool, and toothpasty.

Lilac Blossoms Yankee Candle

Lilac Blossoms Yankee Candle at Amazon

Source: Lilac Blossoms Yankee Candle at AmazonAre Best Smelling Yankee Scented Candles Worth Spending Money Over?

With reference to the aforementioned scents, when it comes to Lilac Blossoms Scented Yankee candle and Fresh Mint Scented Yankee candle, both enjoy solid ratings and reviews. Lilac Blossoms Scented has 4.7 rating and 1000+ reviews. On the other hand, Fresh Mint Scented Yankee candle has 4.6 ratings and 36 reviews.

The scent is so good and close to real mint that this scented candle was discontinued and then brought back as an anniversary classic at a slightly higher price. This is a proof that it is one of the best smelling Yankee scented Candles and quite pricy too.

Fresh Mint Scented Yankee Candle

Fresh Mint, Best Smelling Yankee CandleAre Best Smelling Yankee Scented Candles Worth Spending Money Over?

Source: Fresh Mint Scented Candle at AmazonAre Best Smelling Yankee Scented Candles Worth Spending Money Over?

Fresh Mint Yankee Candle, Returning Classic at Amazon

Fresh Mint Yankee Candle a Returning ClassicAre Best Smelling Yankee Scented Candles Worth Spending Money Over?

Source: Fresh Mint Yankee Candle, Returning Classic at Amazon

Natural Ingredients

Yankee claims to make its products from natural ingredients, such as premium-grade paraffin wax, all-natural, cotton fiber wicks. It also specifies that the product is free from chemical scents and is based only of close-to-real, natural scents. As for Yankee Candles, the jars are sturdy, made from recyclable material, can withstand heat and don’t crack easily.

Weight and Shipping Cost

The weight of a luxury candle can considerably heavy. Scented candles in glass jars require sturdier packaging because they need to withstand the shipping wear and tear, which contributes to the cost naturally. That’s why one of the common complaints you hear from customers buying premium brands is not about the scent quality and burn but about flimsy packaging contributing to cracked jars.

Burn Quality and Throw

These two are very important factors in distinguishing a scented candle’s quality. While the burn of Yankee candle is very even and none of the wax gets wasted, the throw of the scents and strength is a different story. There were instances when even the strongest Yankee candles fell short of the expectation. People wondered what was going on. You can read more on this is the upcoming section Yankee Candles and COVID-19 Link.


Long-lastingness is another tipping factor when it comes to an expensive candle brand. Everyone would agree that Yankee candles do have decent burn time.

A medium-sized Yankee candle of medium size promises 65 hours burn time. For instance, if you burn a Yankee candle for three hours every night, this means that your candle would last at least 20-22 days. Personally, I have found this to be true and my Yankee purchase do last a considerable amount of time. However, there have been an odd instance when my Mint Yankee candle burnt out way too quickly.

Yankee Candles and COVID-19 Link

There have been a huge number of issues related to the scent quality reported by Yankee candle fans, mainly on twitter. The tweets claimed that newly purchased Yankee candle literally had no scent.

There can be two explanations for this issue: COVID-19 had surged up and taken the world by storm. An assistant professor of political science at Northeastern University, named Nicholas Beauchamp, was able to develop a direct correlation between the zero smell reviews of Yankee Candles and the surge in COVID-19 cases through the use of data analysis tools. By now everyone knows that one of the most prominent signs of contracting COVID-19 infection is the loss of one’s sense of smell.

This isn’t all! Harvard University’s Katie Petrova also noticed similar findings when she discovered that it was not only Yankee candles that were coming under fire for having no scent but it was a general trend common with other scented candle brands like Linuo scented votive candles, Chesapeake Bay’s Balance + Harmony, Village Candle. She found that the ratings of other 4 and 5 star reviewed brands had fallen to the lowly 1 star even.

Which are best Smelling Yankee candles?

The best smelling Yankee Scented candles happen to be a matter of much debate and deliberation, as everyone has a favorite scent.

It’s certainly hard to decide which Yankee candles are the most fragrant ones. Personally, I love Home Sweet Home Scented Yankee candle because it evokes such an unmatchable homely vibe. This aromatic scented candle is full of spicy cinnamon and there is a hint of freshly brewed chai.

Home Sweet Home, Best Smelling Yankee Candle

Home Sweet Home, Yankee Candle
Are Best Smelling Yankee Scented Candles Worth Spending Money Over?

The fragrance is strong even when the candle is unlit. The flame is beautiful and burns consistently till the end. This heavenly candle reminds me of my Nana’s kitchen, full of baked goodness, an open heart and an open arms. I particularly light up this candle when there are guests coming over for dinner. They end up wondering and asking what I have been baking as post dinner treat.

Macintosh Yankee Candle, Best Smelling Yankee Candles

Macintosh Yankee Candle, apple scented, Best Smelling Yankee CandleAre Best Smelling Yankee Scented Candles Worth Spending Money Over?

Source: Macintosh Yankee Candle at Amazon

Another favorite Yankee candle of mine is apple scented Macintosh candle. The gorgeous vibrant, red color and the waft of juicy, crunchy apples makes my mouth water. The clove and musk prevent the fragrance from becoming overly sweet. This variant enjoys a solid 4.6 stars and 500+ reviewers agree that Yankee’s Macintosh candle is a class apart and hands down one of the best smelling Yankee Candles. I have tried Village candles’ take on apples called Crisp Apple. It costs lesser than Yankee’s Macintosh and pretty good but not as good as Macintosh.

Best Smelling Yankee Candles of All Times on Amazon

Name  Size  Rating  Reviews  Price
Lilac Blossoms Yankee Candle  22 Oz   4.7 Stars  1,095  Check at Amazon
Fresh Mint Yankee Candle 22 Oz  4.6 Stars 36  Check at Amazon
Home Sweet Home Yankee Candle 22 Oz 4.6 Stars  625 Check at Amazon
Macintosh Yankee Candle  22 Oz 4.6 Stars  529 Check at Amazon
   * Ratings and reviews are as per 24/6/22. Check the latest at Amazon

Here’s My Final Take On Yankee Candles

Yankee candles are no doubt the most popular scented candle brand, with a reach beyond the USA. The company has come a long way to reach where it stands today. It certainly is an expensive brand, but worth it due to the huge variety of scents, quality and worth for money.

It’s not easy to decide the best smelling Yankee Scented candles because it’s a matter of personal taste. I personally won’t mind splurging on Home Sweet Home scented candle and apple scented Macintosh. They smell homely, divine and last me while.

People who have been disappointed by Yankee candles or find them too expensive claim that Village, Swan Creek, CandleBerry and B&BW are much better than Yankee candles. But this view is not shared by all. A Yankee candle is a Yankee candle. There can be a dud or two here and there.

Yet a lot of consumers have felt that there have been a decline in scent quality. This quality can be attributed to the COVID-19 surge. Nevertheless, the fact remains that any brand, irrespective of the size or popularity, has to maintain standards. Yankee Candles is no exception.

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