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3 Aromatic Clove Scented Candles You Would Love This Fall!

3 Aromatic Clove Scented Candles You Would Love This Fall!

Clove scented candles are a novelty. They are the perfect fall and winter candles due to their warm and rich fragrance. They have therapeutic properties as well and are great for creating an overall sense of well-being.

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What’s a Clove Candle Made of?

A clove candle is made from essential oil made from clove bud (Syzygium Aromaticum), leaf or stem. Each oil has different characteristics. Clove oil emits the fragrance of freshly grounded cloves, i.e., deeply rich, spicy, woody, earthy. Clove oil is highly volatile and hence cannot be applied directly on the skin or consumed. So, a clove scented candle is a great way to enjoy the aroma of clove as well as drive therapeutic benefits from it.

What can a clove candle do?

A dried clove is a highly aromatic spice used in cooking and therapeutics; hence, a clove scented candle not only has a rich and warm fragrance but it also has therapeutic benefits.

Clove scented candles can help you and your home feel warm and cosy. They also have the following health benefits:

A clove candle can soothe a headache, muscle aches and ear aches. A clove scented candle can help you reduce stress and increase a sense of overall well-being. It is simply wonderful for soothing sinus issues. It improves digestion, provides relief in asthma and addresses sleep issues and anxiety issues.

Know More: You can read about the medicinal benefits of clove essential oil here.

Spice scented candles work through our bodies therapeutically during illness like seasonal flu. If you feel that you are coming down with a bug, try to lay low and surround yourself with elements of comfort, such as, put on a light blanket, switch off the TV, dim the lights and light up a spice candle, have some soup. You would feel your nerves getting relaxed and your sinuses opening up. Since spices aid in digestion, so a quality spice candle would help you soothe an irritated stomach or sluggish appetite. Just keep in mind that only a candle made from pure and distinguishable quality essential oils would deliver these benefits. Anything made from synthetic fragrances would only give you light. This form of self-care would help you get back on your feet in no time.

Following are my 3 top recommendations in clove scented candles:

Just Makes Scents Clove Scented Candle

Just Makes Scents Clove Scented Candle, Warm and Spicy Ground Cloves | Hand Poured in The USA3 Aromatic Clove Scented Candles You Would Love This Fall!

Source: Just Makes Scents Clove Scented Candle at Amazon

Size: 8 Oz Burn Time: 40 Hours Ratings: 4 Stars Reviews: 19 Reviews

View More on Amazon

What I love about Just Makes clove candle is that unlike other brands, this brand’s clove candle comprises only of clove. What I mean is that it is not adulterated or paired with orange, cinnamon or anything else. You want a clove scented candle, you get clove.

The minimalist jar and the caramel add to the effect. The only downside is that I was expecting a very rich clove fragrance. And Just Makes Scents’ clove scented candle is close but not exact. Nevertheless, it feels like a natural fragrance, which is neither overpowering nor too weak. The scent throw is decent too. The quality of the candle itself is great. It doesn’t produce soot or smoke. There is no tunneling, provided you burn it properly.

Balsam & Clove Scented Candle by Yankee Candles

Yankee's Balsam and Clove scented Candle, 22 oz Jr, 110 burn time,

Source: 3 Aromatic Clove Scented Candles You Would Love This Fall!Yankee’s Balsam and Clove on Amazon

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Balsam and Clove is an understated candle from Yankee. Balsam and Clove make an intriguing combination. Reminiscent of the once in stock, Luminaire Vetivere candle, this balsam and clove candle is something closer. It is exquisite but not overpowering. It makes an alternative Christmas candle perfect to complement the noon supper when you are cooking a ham pricked with clove buds.

Yet once lit, you would find the balsam fragrance to linger on, while the clove scent fades. So if you are looking for a stronger and more enduring clove scent.

MAGNIFICENT 101’s SAGE + Aromatherapy Grade Clove Candle 

3 Aromatic Clove Scented Candles You Would Love This Fall!3 Aromatic Clove Scented Candles You Would Love This Fall!

Source: Magnificent 101’s Sage and Clove Candle at Amazon

Size: 6 Oz Burn Time: – Rating: 4.5 Stars Reviews: 8 Reviews

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This is Magnificent 101 take on clove scented candles, i.e., sage has been mixed with clove to create this unique candle. The sage is more pronounced in this candle than clove, which can be a good thing or a bad one, considering what you expect from this candle. If you are expecting a more spicy fragrance, then you would find more sage in this. It is a great scented candle to cleanse the air and bring more calm and therapeutic vibes in your space. This is not the perfect fall candle and it burns fast. But it gives you your money’s worth!

So What is the Verdict, Fellow Candle Lovers?

Cinnamon is the typical fall fragrance. But if you like something distinct, warm and spicier, then a clove scented candle would meet your expectations. However, it is difficult indeed to find candles that comprise only clove essential oil. One reason could be that the clove essential oil is expensive, hence, the end product, i.e., a clove candle won’t be cheap. Or at least, the purest and most potent one wouldn’t come within a reasonable range.

However, on Amazon, you can find certain options that are good. I have found Just Make Scents’ Clove scented candle to be very reasonable in terms of quality and price. It is reminiscent of Green Plant Candles’ Clove & Vetiver Candle, which is no longer being sold.

Meanwhile, Yankee’s Balsam and Clove scented candle can work for you if you are a more woodsy and less spicy scent.
On the other hand, Magnificent 101’s Sage and Clove candle is not a typical fall scent, but it is great for a quick apartment therapy, and it’s reasonably priced too.

If you want high grade pure clove scented candle, there you should look into other options that platforms like Etsy are offering, but you better have deeper pockets, as the custom created clove candles that are available there cost nothing less than $25 for 16 Oz.

Spice Scented Candles – The Perfect Way to Welcome Fall and Winter Season Festivities  

Spice scented candles, as the name signifies, contain essential oils derived from spices. These spices can be common ones like cinnamon and ginger or exotic ones like clove, nutmeg, licorice, and cardamom. Thus, a clove candle is an exotic candle. The spice candles’ fragrance is then enhanced with the addition of woodsy and oriental fragrances to create a calming and therapeutic ambiance around your home.

Replacing floral scented candles with spice scented candles is the perfect way to welcome fall and winter season. They not only bring warmth to your house but add depth to the ambiance. Just imagine your guests being greeted by a warm and welcoming seasonal fragrance, a promise of great hospitality and inspiring conversations to look forward to!

No wonder, cinnamon and clove scented candles complement holidays and festivities. Be it the Christmas or Thanks Giving dinners or weekend entertaining and stay-vacations. These spice scented candles tend to build the mood and warm up the soul.

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