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Best 4th of July Candle Scents and Décor Ideas for the Patriot in You

Best 4th of July Candle Scents and Décor Ideas for the Patriot in You

You can’t bring fireworks inside this 4th of July but you can add light and pizzazz with 4th of July Candle scents. A 4th of July celebration is incomplete without finger food, summer margaritas, cocktails, apple pie and lots of star-spangled red, whites and blues in the decor. If you are hosting friends and family over for dinner and want your decoration to reflect the 4th of July spirit, use some of these 4th of July Candles:

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There are two ways I incorporate the Fourth of July candles in my holiday decoration. I pile a couple of tea light candles on the corner chest in my sitting room. The other idea is to place specially designed Independence pillar candles like this memorial candle pair from Carved Magic Candles on a prominent place like the dresser or center table.

Best 4th of July Candle Scents and Décor Ideas for the Patriot in You
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American Flag 4th of July Candles Pair

4th of July Candles, American, Memorial, Pair Pillar candles

Source: Memorial Candles Pair, 4th of July at Amazon

Benefits of Using 4th of July Candles as Decor

  • Scented candles conveniently add dimension and depth on your table.
  • If your room or crockery is less than perfect, the candle’s light and shadows, and the surrounding mask over the oversights and flaws.
  • They are a cost-effective too, so you don’t have to stress about going over budget.
  • Since 4th of July parties are casual and fun in nature, you can easily use the color palette of the flag in candles to reflect the independence spirit.

When to Light Your 4th of July Candles at the Dinner Party

So you may wonder as to what is the best time to light a scented candle when you are having company over. Here are some of the things I follow:

One rule that I follow is that I don’t light a candle when I am entertaining guests during the day time, unless its a cloudy day or it’s been raining. One exception to this rule is when I am entertaining guests outside or sitting by myself in the gallery and have to keep the bugs out of my way. I then light citronella candles or tealights.

If you are looking for a way to spruce up the ambience of your home, then light your Fourth of July candle scent before your guests arrive. This way, the wicks would burn. The wax pool will form, the flame would get a chance to build up and get steady.

Most importantly, the fragrance would get a chance to get released and envelope your home. So when your guests finally arrive, they are welcomed by a beautiful scent and wonder: “Wow what is this beautiful, mysterious fragrance!”

Personally, I prefer Our Own Candle Company’s American as Apple Pie mason jar candle. A juicy, fresh out of the oven apple pie spells out 4th of July. So, an apple scented candle is the perfect 4th of July Candle. The delicious apple pie fragrance is so good that your guests would be fooled into thinking that you are baking one for them.

American as Apple Pie, 4th of July Candle In Mason Jar

Our Own Company,  American As As Apple Pie, Mason Jar Candle Best 4th of July Candle Scents and Décor Ideas for the Patriot in You

Source: American as Apple Pie at Amazon

 Size: 13 Oz  Rating: 4.2 Stars  Reviews: 63

*Rating as of 1/7/22; may change at any time.

Best Features


The Bottom line: One of the best 4th of July candle hands down. It goes without saying that I don’t have to wait for 4th of July to enjoy this gorgeous candle.

Another variant of the apple pie from Our Own Candle Company is its Hot Apple Pie Scented Tin Candle. It’s another perfect 4th of July candle due to the American Flag Label on the jar.

Our Own Candle Company, Hot Apple Pie Scented Candle, Fourth of July candle scents, 13 Ounce, Tin candle with an American Flag Label

*Rating as of 1/7/22; may change at any time.

Image Source: Hot Apple Pie Scented 4th of July Candle at Amazon

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Scented Candles at Dinner Table – A Few Things to Consider

When it comes to setting scented candles at the dinner table, strong scents should be avoided, as they tend to overpower or mask the aroma of the food and enjoying it.

Hence, moderately scented candles work very well at the dinner table. Likewise, the candles should not be so tall that they end up interfering with the field of vision of the guests.

Light these candles 10 minutes before the guests are ready to sit down and enjoy their meal. Blow them out only after the guests have eaten and have moved away from the dinner table towards the sitting area.

 My favorite one is A Cheerful Giver’s America Simplicity lantern jar candle. The lantern is a simple of home and are darn right cute as table decor. If you are having an outdoor party at the patio or a BBQ dinner in your backyard, then you can hang these lanterns to uplift the ambience.

America’s ‘Simplicity’ 4th of July Candle Lantern Jar from a Cheerful Giver

Simplicity,  A  Cheerful GiverBest 4th of July Candle Scents and Décor Ideas for the Patriot in You

Source: Simplicity 4th of July candle at Amazon

  Size: 16 Oz  Rating: 4.1 Stars  Reviews: 6

*item price and rating as of 1/7/22; may change at any time.

Best Features


The Bottom line: This is a unique, limited edition 4th of July candle from A Cheerful Giver, one of my most favorite candle companies. I love two things about this jar candle: One, there are three scents to enjoy in one candle. Second, I can’t wait to repurpose this jar around the house once it’s empty.

There are times when I don’t light candles at the dinner table and reserve them for the sitting area where I serve refreshments and after-dinner dessert and coffee. If there is coffee and games extending into the wee hours of the night, scented candles with a slow burn promise the perfect backdrop.

If there are fireworks in the area, I recommend decorating the rooftop, balcony or patio with flowers and fourth of July candle scents to build anticipation and excitement.

Whether you are aspiring to build the tempo for an appetizing meal coming ahead or aiming to wind down a spectacular dinner, scented candles do the job very well.

Last But Not the Least…

Planning, cooking and hosting for a dinner party during a holiday can be pretty exhausting. But you can easily spruce your place and dinner table with festive decorations based on 4th of July Candle scents. Hopefully, your party would be enjoyable and a memorable one for your guests.

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