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Candle Safety Tips for Halloween Celebration

Candle Safety Tips for Halloween Celebration

Halloween is that time of the year when we all want to enjoy spooky costumes, put up some unique, eye popping Halloween décor, spooky watch horror movies and eat lots of sweet treats. It is just the time for mythical, monstrous creatures to haunt our imaginations, there can be very real dangers that can be lurking at every turn. Hence, there is a need to follow safety procedures at all times and more so during Halloween. In this article, I have attempted to share a few candle safety tips for Halloween specifically.

Firstly, when it comes to Halloween décor, it’s easy to forget that candles are a potential fire hazard. Secondly, hollowed out and lit pumpkins might also be dangerous when left unattended. Likewise, LED candles and lights can malfunction and cause a short circuit. Moreover, Halloween costumes made from synthetic material can catch fire easily when coming in close contact with objects like candles. An article featured in ITV states how every year, thousands of house fires and almost 300 injuries have been associated with candles in one way or the other.

Candle Safety Tips for Children

Furthermore, following all these safety considerations become all the more important considering that children are a big part of Halloween festivities. They love to dress up in their favorite scary costumes and go trick-or-treating.
 However, inevitably, they would be passing by or coming in contact with candles, lit pumpkins or even Halloween LED lights. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that neither kids are allowed to roam around alone in the house or outside during Halloween festivities, nor lit candles are left unattended. It’s not just lit candles, kids shouldn’t be allowed to touch LED Halloween decors.  

Candle Safety Tips for Halloween
Image source: Mawwfire UK’s guidelines

There is also a need to assure that the costumes that children where are made from high quality non inflammable material. They should have undergone and passed fire safety procedures. One thing to check on your kids’ costumes is something like “This garment has undergone additional safety testing for flammability”.

Read this article on FirstAid Online website to get more information on safety around Halloween

Candle Safety for Your Home and Yourself

It’s not just kids, even grown ups tend to become a little bit lax with safety considerations during holiday festivities. Sometimes, even the smallest of oversights can lead to serious consequences.
Some candle related oversights near Halloween or Christmas can be as follows:

Choose Your Spooky Halloween Candles Wisely

Choosing a spooky Halloween candle solely on the basis of Halloween aesthetics, or low prices, and not giving attention to its quality or make can have safety implications. Jars made from thinner glass can overheat and crack. Likewise, some of the Halloween décor elements in candles are not made from wax; they can be made of beads, plastic or metal. They are there for show and can be highly inflammable. As long as the candle is on display, it’s fine to leave these decorative elements intact. But once you decide to light your Halloween candles, don’t forget to remove the plastic, pebbles and beads. I didn’t even know that cinnamon sticks on scented are inflammable and need to be removed at the time of lighting the candle. I learnt the hard way!

Don’t Leave Candles Unattended

Furthermore, other mistakes can be leaving candles unattended or forgetting to put them out when you are going outside or off to bed. Late night of partying, having way too many Halloween themed punches, trick or treating and staying out late can make us forgetful about these small but very important details.

A friend of mine dozed off and woke up to a toppled over pillar candle and a charred and ruined dresser surface.

Yet another general candle safety mistake is burning candles in a smaller, under ventilated space or placing them on a combustible or unstable surface instead of a well-built candle holder. Likewise, lighting and placing a candle near curtains or paper decorations, i.e., anything combustible are deadly mistakes. Moreover, if you are choosing to mix and match candles and LED lights in your décor, don’t place them very close to each other. The heat from the candles might melt the plastic of the LED candles or make them malfunction.

Choose Your Halloween Costume Wisely

Moreover, other candle safety tips and considerations during Halloween are choosing safe, comfortable and sensible Halloween costumes for yourself. Not only the material should be fire resistant (just like that of the kids), you should be mindful of how you carry yourself around lit Halloween candles and décor that’s switched on. Capes, trails, veils, wigs, dangling or floating props can easily catch fire near lit candles or an open flame.

candle safety tips
Image source: ArtHouse Studio@Pexels

Generally, LED Halloween candles and LED Halloween decorations are much safer than Halloween candles with their naked flames. However, this doesn’t mean that they are 100% safe. Make sure you are opting for LED lights that have been tested for safety and performance and approved by a regulatory body (check the label).

Halloween LED lights
Image description and source: A house in my neighborhood lit with LED HAlloween lights

Moreover, be sure to read and follow the instructions about the maximum duration for which an LED décor item can be lit safely. Also, be mindful of the quality of your power cord extension and don’t try to overstuff it.

To Sum

Halloween is the perfect time to turn your average and boring house into a house of horrors and assume and identity that’s unique and terror inspiring. While choosing spooky Halloween candles, costumes and décor items, LED Halloween candles and decors, do keep general and specific safety guidelines in mind.  Let the aforementioned candle safety tips in mind during the Halloween season to have a memorable but safe celebration.

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