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How To Use Candles for Manifesting

candles for manifesting

Manifesting or manifestation have become a vogue word for the curious, the hopeful, the hip and happening. You may have seen someone sitting cross-legged trying to use candles for manifesting and thought to yourself what a woo woo or vodoo. I don’t blame you, but there is more to manifesting with a candle than what meets the eye.

In this article, I will discuss different facets of manifestation and the best manifestation candles that I have personally used and have benefited from:

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What is Manifestation

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you could feel it in your bones? Have you ever wished upon a star, only to wake up the next morning to realize that your wish had come true? Manifestation works in the same way.

There really is nothing new or doctored about manifestation. It is an ancient technique of mindfulness and mental focus, part of shamanistic rituals. It has always been used by wise and spiritually enlightened ones to consciously turn a desire into reality. It is a vodoo practice as well as spiritual, also mind science, depending on what your intentions and end goals from manifestation are. People popularly manifest money, love, a soul mate. I had an aunty who was childless and manifested for a child (her dream did turn out to be true, after a while!).

How To Use Candles for ManifestingHow To Use Candles for Manifesting

Though this was not what she used, if you or someone you know who is struggling with fertility issues, Sage Your Life’s Fertility Candle can be the right thing. Having a little bit of positive light and vibes around oneself is immensely helpful. Pink colored candles are good for manifesting love, attraction, fertility, healing and feminine wellness.

Why Use Visual Aids like Candles for Manifesting

Thinking doesn’t mean merely yearning for something. In fact, manifesting means a systemic thought process, an art involving the use of rituals like reiki, chakra healing, etc. They involve visual aids like using crystals, tarot cards, angel numbers, Nazar Amulet, and candles for manifesting.

I love Art of the Root’s Manifestation Affirmation candle because it’s beautiful and the smell is heavenly. Whenever I am journaling about my deepest desires, I light it. Orange colored candles are best for manifesting success, prosperity, and independence. When I was hoping to move into my own apartment, I lit it regularly and within weeks, I was able to move into an apartment of my liking. The best thing was that it was within my range. This manifestation candle is a highly rated one on Amazon (4.7 Stars and 1, 240 reviews). Mostly, people have talked about how gorgeous the fragrance of ginger, vanilla and orange are, but you can also read about how something good happened to them when they lit the candle.

How To Use Candles for Manifesting

The Spiritual Meaning of a Candle as a Symbol and Tool of Manifestation

So, there are lots of ways to manifest but the use of candles for manifesting is quite popular and easier than other mediums. This also because candles help one focus better. Also, the flame of the candle symbolically represents human will and passion at a spiritual level.

  • Lighting a candle means taking your deepest intentions and igniting them.
  • The base of the flame needs to be strong and steady in order to support life.
  • The wick is what supports the flame of our intentions. A strong and consistent burn (work) means a consistent desire and a stronger will to pursue that desire.
  •  As the solid wax melts and turns first into liquid and then into gas, our inner most desires are set free from the bonds of disbelief and despair. Through manifestation, they are transmuted into pure, positive energy and sent out into the Universe. There is a whole cycle of rebirth.
  • It is then the Universe’s turn to respond to that positive energy and manifestation with a matching energy, a desire turning finally into the reality.

Those who have deeper belief in the power of our intentions and the larger forces at work and the bigger picture believe in the power of candles for manifesting.

Does Manifestation Even Work?

You might have been told by someone to “manifest something and you must have thought: Ya ya, what a wishwash!” I don’t blame you! When you are down on your luck and more skeptical than hopeful, then you want solid solutions, help, resources and not mind games and mumbo jumbo. Some may think that it’s merely a deception, a comforting thought for the mind to keep the negative thoughts at bay. However, the truth lies between the true extremes.

But positive psychology affirms that you can bring to life something you want by thinking about it. Manifestation means that you can turn your dreams and desires into a reality through positive thoughts, optimism. However, happy thoughts and desires alone wouldn’t help you turn a dream into a reality. You still need a clear vision, a road map and actionable steps to get closer to your dreams.

From my personal experience, I would say that when you are manifesting with candles, your results might not be exactly what you were wishing and hoping for. It is because manifestation unleashes a powerful energy by invoking the Universe.

Sometimes, we don’t get our hearts’ desires, no matter how much we want them, no matter how hard we manifest. We get disappointed. We get heartbroken. But you see, the Universe always has bigger and better plans for us. Maybe, the Universe is just removing junk out of the way to let better things happen. I can say for sure that is what happened as far as personal relationships go! You lose the so-called love of your life just to discover that someone better and more faithful was waiting for you around the corner!

The most important example for me is Oprah and her staunch belief in Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’, the bucket list of 100 things. Now, I don’t need to tell you how successful Oprah is, but she worked really hard to support her vision and dreams. Meanwhile, Rhonda Byrne’s book has sold in millions.

In a world shaken up by COVID-19 impacted world and its post realities, manifestation and other practices are making a big come back and there are strong and convincing reasons for this.

Manifestation and the COVID Connection

There is a renewed attention towards mindful and spiritual practices in the world impacted by the COVID and post COVID realities. Life suddenly started to seem fragile, the future uncertain.

Being isolated from the world and our loved ones, most of us started yearning for the human connection, more love. On the flip side, being in the same proximity for too long, without the familiarity of our routines, made couples and lovers bicker some.

Furthermore, the loss of jobs and finances made people yearn for more money and financial stability. Many began using candle for money manifestation or love.

Thus, it made sense to turn inwards, use the power of your mind and your imagination to create a perfect world, more stable world inside our minds. Just like isolated and bored people re-discovered the simple pleasures of cooking and baking from the scratch, DIYing, picking up hobbies and trends like dance routines off the internet, making memes, manifesting made us feel like we had a certain degree of control over some aspects of our lives in world which had changed way too fast. Manifesting is a way of self-care as well.

Choose The Right Candles For Your Needs

There are different kinds of candles available, each with its own purpose. Here’s what you need to know before choosing the right manifestation candles for your needs.

Brown Candle for Manifesting

A candle in brown will help you ground yourself in life, in a relationship or in a new job, where ever you want to establish yourself.

Money drawing 7 day Spell from art of Root, money manifesting candle, 16 oz, green colorHow To Use Candles for Manifesting

Green Candle for Manifesting

A green-colored candle is a candle for money manifestation and what you need if you want to attract more money and financial stability in your life. Check out this 7 Day Soy Herbal Spell Candle from Art of Root. It’s huge and would last you long, which is something you would want if you want to cast a strong spell:

Source: 7 Dy Herbal Spell candle at Amazon

Red Candle for Manifesting

A red-colored candle is all about love, lust and passion. You love someone and yet the feelings are mutual, or you want to win back and ex, use the red candle.

White Candle for Manifesting

A white-colored candle is the one you need when you want clarity about issues and spiritual strength and purity.

Yellow Candle for Manifesting

A yellow-colored candle is the one you want to get rid of enemies, obstacles to be removed from your pathway.

Black Candle for Manifesting

A black candle is the one you want to protect yourself, cut ties and cords that are hurtful. I am a big fan of My Lumina’s New Moon Aromatherapy Candle (more than its meditation candle), because the dark color and the crystal’s contrast against it is just amazing.

My Lumina's New Moon candle for manifesting How To Use Candles for Manifesting

Source: My Lumina’s New Moon at Amazon

Some people say that the color of candle for manifesting isn’t important, it’s the intention and conviction that matter. And I kind of agree! Best manifestation candles are the ones that work best for you.

Set Your Intention Correctly & Decide on the Action

Picture an ideal state of how you want your life to look like. If you have lost your job or are looking for one, visualize HOW your ideal workplace would look like. Fill the picture with details as to what you would be doing in your ideal job and the kind of people you would be working with. Then think of ideas related to a job search and places to apply.
Similarly, if you are having money issues, then start imagining what wealth, abundance, prosperity look like. It can be as vague as a chest full of gold coins or as grounded as a wallet full of money. Next, think of smaller to bigger ways to generate more money.

Let Go Of Negative Thoughts And Feelings

This is the most important step and perhaps the whole “science” behind the idea of manifestation. f you’re having trouble manifesting something, try letting go of negative thoughts and feelings. This will help you focus on what you really want instead of dwelling on what you don’t want.

Burn Them In A Specific Direction

If you’re looking to manifest something with candles, then you need to think about what direction you want the flame to go. For instance, if you want to attract money into your life, then you should place the candle in front of you. However, if you want to manifest love, then you should place it behind you.

Set a Specific Time for manifesting with a candle

You can use the new moon candle for money manifestation or love can be done on Fridays. Or, you can make use of the new moon cycle to bring things into being, as it is the most powerful time of the month. Likewise, an eclipse is the time one should totally avoid when practising a candle manifestation.

Have Patience

Your candle for money manifestation or love or for anything that matter won’t create results immediately, obviously. The Universe takes time to build things the way we want them. So don’t get disappointed if your wishes aren’t coming true immediately. Remember, every good thing is worth waiting for.

The Conclusion

Wouldn’t it be amazing if something we desire deeply comes true if we think of it long enough! Using candles for manifesting is not just New Ageism or magic, there is truth to it. It works on the simple principle that whatever the mind believes, the mind conceives, eventfully. Manifesting with a candle helps us set our intentions and send them to the Universe. People use candle for money manifestation or love. But the best candles for manifesting are the ones that work for us.

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