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8 Ways to Celebrate the Fall Season with Autumn Candles

autumn candles

The slight chill in the air, the changing colors of the leaves all harbinger the start of autumn. The heart craves for warmth and comfort. What better way there is than igniting autumn candles around your house.
The perfect autumn candle will warm your home during chilly nights and bring a touch of fall into your life. Each candle has a unique scent and comes in a variety of fragrances, including but not limited to the delicious and enticing scents of pumpkin spice, apples, cloves, vanilla, and cinnamon. Delicious smelling fall candles would remember what it feels like to take a slice from a warmly baked apple or pumpkin pie.

1) Use Fall Candles to Create the Perfect Vibe

You can buy a set of candles at a local store or online. They come in different sizes and scents so you can choose one that fits your mood. The lovely colors, the bright reds, oranges, and browns, would remind you of the leaves on the tree and the fallen ones outside and their vibrant colors. The burn will give you a waft of woodsmoke. The crackle of woodwick candles that replicates the sound of dried leaves crunching under your feet.

2) Create Wax Melts DIY projects

If you love making things yourself, then why not try creating some autumn themed candles yourself? There are lots of ways to do this. You can use a wick made out of natural materials like cotton balls or even paper. Or you can make your own wicks by cutting up old clothes into strips. Then dip them into melted wax and place them onto a cookie sheet. Let the wax harden before placing them in a glass jar. You can even add a few drops to an essential oil to make your own scented candles.

3) Add a Touch of Fall in Your Décor through Autumn Candles

To add a little extra flair to your home, consider adding a few autumn candles to your décor. Place a votive candle inside an autumnal vase. White is a neutral, cooler and summer-y color. But you can use it tastefully in your autumn interior to create a modern, stylish and minimalistic look. Use white as a backdrop and warm colors of fall, i.e., red, orange, purple, and decor elements like jute, dried leaves, pine cones, porcelain figures, yarn balls to strike the comforting, autumn harmony. So whether you choose to go traditional or modern, there’s something for everyone!

Autumn Candles, fall scented candles
Image source: Ioana Motoc@Pexels

4) Go for Luscious Exotic Fall Scents

Fall fragrances are delicious, luscious, appetite invoking, imagination stirring. Why go for typical, old school pumpkin scented candles when you can enjoy pomegranate and jasmine! Why stick to cinnamon when you can enjoy clove scented candles and even nutmeg and star anise scented candles! You can go for fragrance pairs: Sweet and spicy Apple and Cinnamon scented candles, when you have guests coming over for supper. Darker notes of Cider and Rum scented candles are the perfect companion when you are reading a book on your sofa, with a blanket thrown across your body. Pumpkin with Chai scented candles are the best way to round off supper. Want to give the impression of baking without baking? How Does White Vanilla cake with salted caramel scented candles sound? You can find all these exotic combinations and more on Amazon and Etsy. Let your imagination run wild. Whatever you would manifest you would find. Dreaming of an early walk amidst dark and dewy woods, go for Balsam and fir scented candles paired with herbs like sage. If your yin seeks yang, find fragrances where tobacco or leather has been paired with Patchouli or Jasmine.

For those who want a delicious baking smell in the house, it’s best to go for the White Cake Vanilla. If you prefer a fabulous woodland fragrance, you will be delighted with the smell of Exotic Wood.

autumn candles
Image source: Alena Zadorozhnaya@Pexels

5) Pair Autumn Candles with Dried Leaves

If you love fall, then you’ll definitely enjoy these beautiful autumn candles with elements symbolizing fall. Place a votive candle inside a glass jar filled with dried leaves. For instance, you can also place them inside a glass jar filled up with dried leaves. This will give off an amazing aroma when being lit, while creating a lovely glow and spectacular display. Dried twigs and branches are also a great autumn design element.

fall scented candles, fall candles
Image source: Roman Odintsove @Pexels

6) Pair Up A Votive Candle, Bowl and Sand

Light a votive candle inside of a clear glass bowl filled with sand. To make this DIY project even better, you can use a votive candle as a centerpiece. Place the votive candle inside of the clear glass bowl and fill the rest of the space with sand. Then, light the votive candle and watch how the colors dance across the surface of the sand. Don’t think that sea shells are just for summer vacations at the beach. The sea is rougher, ever beautiful and mysterious in the fall! If you have them, throw them in the bowl.

8 Ways to Celebrate the Fall Season with Autumn Candles
Image source: Anastasia Shuraeva

7) Autumn Candles to Fuel Company, Conversations and Games

We experience complex emotions in autumn: nostalgia, melancholy, comfort, dreaming, imagining, yearning. A fall candle enables all that and more. We feel melancholy; hence, we seek joy in company and warmth of human connections and conversations.

A lit autumn candle makes a great center point and cozy spot for family coming together, laughing and playing board games together, doing their individual readings, and enjoying bottomless cups of hot coco, coffee and tea.

autumn candles
Image source: Cottonbro@Pexels

8) Stir Up Your Pot of Imagination

Feeling the warmth of a fall scented candle around you, its fragrance in your nostrils, is a welcome reprieve from the autumn chill. It’s a potent stimulation for the imagination. Start catching up with a book, a binge-worthy series. Switch off the lights early and use autumn candles around the house or in your bedroom. Create a cozy bed and draw your partner into the bed early.

fall scented candles
Image source: Monstra@Pexels

A Round-Up

Take out your jumpers, vests, scarves, hats, books, board games, coffee mugs and cookie trays. Autumn is almost here. Autumn is thus the perfect time to start nesting and hibernating. Your fall scented candle would make sure that your experience is an enriching one. If you don’t know how to make your autumn candles a part of your fall décor, use any of the aforementioned ideas. Autumn candles are so much more than pumpkin scent and cinnamon aroma candles.

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