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14 Fabulous Masculine Scented Candles for Your Man Cave

Fellas! Your man cave is your pride and when you are looking for an inexpensive and innovative way to jazz it up, then masculine scented candles are your best bet.

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14 Fabulous Masculine Scented Candles for Your Man Cave
Source: Photo by Rendy Novantino@ Unsplash 

When you come back from a hard day at work, all you want you want your home to do is to kick back and relax. No matter what time of the year it is, you want your home to smell nice. Masculine scented candles are the answer to your relaxation needs. They evoke the feeling of homeliness and a sense of belonging, at the same time, mixed with a longing for the rustic, the mysterious and the outdoor.

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Love the smell like a café or cookie dough or grandma’s baking? These masculine scented candles can easily transport you to a café, a cabin in the woods, and help you create a comfortable, relaxing and enchanting personal space right in your very home. Who wouldn’t love the sensation!

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Here is a selection of the best 14 best smelling candles for men that are considered absolute favorites by men like you and are guaranteed to vivify the vibe of your bachelor pad:

1. Whiskey and Tobacco Spirit Masculine Scented Candles by Northern Lights Candles

Northern Lights Candles Whiskey and Tobacco Spirit Candle, 5 oz, masculine scented candles14 Fabulous Masculine Scented Candles for Your Man Cave

Source: Whiskey and Tobacco Spirit Candle at Amazon

Size: 5 oz Burn time: 35 Hours Rating: 4.3 Stars Reviews: 148


Very few masculine scented candles pay homage to whiskey and tobacco like Northern Lights’ Whiskey and Tobacco Spirit Candle. It’s like finding yourself in a bar infused with the smell of manly spirit and testosterones. The whiskey and tobacco scent have been created by mixing the heady notes of Kentucky whiskey with leafy tobacco, ginger and sweet, crushed Tonka Bean. My only complain is with the size.

Features that Stand Out

  • The packaging is chic rustic, as the dark container is contrasted with a real cork lid.
  • The labeling at the back comprises small snippets of information about wines and spirits makes it one of the best man cave candles for the nerdy ones.


  • Pleasant but somewhat subtle scent that may not always feel like Whiskey and Tobacco to some and more like vanilla.
  • A masculine scented candle as good as this one needs to last longer.

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2. Spiced Tobac & Honey Masculine Scented Candles from Village

Village Candle Spiced Tobac & Honey masculine scented candle, Medium Bowl, 14oz, Orange14 Fabulous Masculine Scented Candles for Your Man Cave

Source: Spiced Tobac & Honey Village candle at Amazon

Size: 14 oz Burn time: 50 Hours Rating: 4.4 Stars Reviews: 66


This scented candle stand out among other manly smelling candles due to its sweet, earthy, woody, hay like smell paired well with the sweet smell of honey. It would remind you of an old library stacked with books, your English literature professor or the living room of an elderly uncle. Whatever is the reference, warmth and comfort are two feelings this scented candle perfectly evoke.

Features that Stand Out

  • The fragrance is subtle and can easily fill a room.
  • The rich, burnished orange colored just pops out of the signature Village jar.
  • These are three-wicked candles, so the glow is beautiful.
  • The burn is even, leading to zero residual soot.
  • Any gentleman’s collection is incomplete without best smelling candles for men like these.


The throw of the scent is light and not strong enough to fill the entire house.

3. Dark Forest by Manly Indulgence (MI) Masculine Scented Candles

Manly Indulgence Dark Forest Scented Jar Candle, Signature Collection, Wood Wick, Navy, 15 oz - Up to 60 Hours Burn, Masculine Scented Candles14 Fabulous Masculine Scented Candles for Your Man Cave

Source: Manly Indulgence’s Dark Forest at Amazon

Size: 15 Oz Burn Time: 60 Hours Rating: 4.3 stars Reviews: 3,836


If you want to be instantaneously transported to the forest then Dark Forest won’t disappoint. The fantastic combination of cedar, violet, lavender, sandalwood and musk would transform your den instantly into a mystical and magical forest.

You would be reminded of a walk along the mossy path, dewy freshness and crisp mountain air due to the woody tones in the. The opaque jar and woody lid lend an air of subtle magnificence to this scented wonder. Despite being in the masculine scented candles section, this scented candle is equally appealing to the senses of a woman who loves nature.

Features that Stand Out

  • No matter what time of the year it is, this masculine scented candle would induce a fall like feeling right away and create a lovely ambiance.
  • The scent is light but very natural.
  • The wick is longer and thicker than its other counterparts. One can hear its crackles if the surroundings are quiet.
  • This is one of the best man cave candles for the outdoorsy ones.


Some would find this scented candle a bit pricey! Well not me! 15 Oz is a size that would last a while.

4. MidSummer’s Night by Yankee Manly Smelling Candles

Yankee Candle MidSummer's Night Scented, Classic 22oz Large Jar Single Wick Candle, Over 110 Hours , manly smellingcandles14 Fabulous Masculine Scented Candles for Your Man Cave

Source: Midsummer’s Night, Yankee candle at Amazon

Size: 22 Oz Burn Time: 150 Hours Rating: 4.6 stars Reviews: 3,255 


MidSummer’s Night is a strong contender among manly smelling candles. It has an intoxicating, lingering quality about it like fine men’s cologne. The classic notes of musk, patchouli, sage, and mahogany cologne work well together to create a effortlessly masculine look and feel in the area where its lit. The fragrance is subtle, but builds up. It is perfect for company and perfect for some relaxing, alone-time.

Features that Stand Out

  • A deep navy blue that compliment any kind of interior decorated in a classy dark colors.
  • Very long-lasting due to the large size and even burn.
  • It has been touted as one of best masculine scented candles to burn in place of plug-in air fresheners. It
  • hits the right note of mystery, masculine and musk and is just the thing your man cave needs.


Some think that the fragrance is not as strong as it used to be.

5. Tobacco Vanilla, Manly Smelling Candles by LA JOLIE MUSE

LA JOLIE MUSE Candles for Men, Tobacco Leaf Herb Scented Candles, Men Candles for Home Scented, 13oz Large Man Candle, 100 Hours Long Burning Candles, Premium Gifts for Men, Black Candle in Tin, manly smelling candles14 Fabulous Masculine Scented Candles for Your Man Cave

Source: La Jolie Muse’s Tobacco Vanilla Scented Candle for Men at Amazon

Size: 13 Oz Burn Time: 100 Hours Rating: 4.2 stars Reviews: 290


Tobacco scented candles are best among manly smelling candles and there are many you can choose from. However, what makes La Jolie’s manly candle stand out is the subtle tobacco scent, tempered with floral vanilla, which leads to a balanced warm scent that is not too overpowering or faintly sweet. Masculine scented candles are not just about scents but the feeling and memory they evoke, and this one would remind of how the lounge used to smell after your grandpa has smoked his cigar, the bar late at night.

Features that Stand Out

  • The candle comes in an exquisitely crafted jar with a matte finish.
  • It is claimed that this candle is prepared from leaf herb and not from artificial scents and dyes.
  • A slow and fairly long burn time, so a great value for money.
  • A soothing and relaxing fragrance.


  • If you are looking for a stronger leather scent then this one isn’t the one for you.
  • Size might be small when compared to price for the budget conscious ones.

6. Tobacco, Spice & Vanilla, Masculine Scented Candles by Lulu

14 Fabulous Masculine Scented Candles for Your Man Cave

Lulu Candles Tobacco, Spice & Vanilla Highly Scented Candles for Home - Soy Blend Jar Candle with 100% Cotton Wick, masculine scented candles14 Fabulous Masculine Scented Candles for Your Man Cave

Source: Lulu’s Tobacco, Spice & Vanilla Candle at Amazon

Size: 6 Oz Burn Time: 45 Hours Rating: 4.4 stars Reviews: 1,381 


Tobacco for you and spice and vanilla for your lady, a perfect yin and yang. It is an impression that manly smelling candles are only for men and women won’t find them appealing, but this Lulu scented candle will definitely be liked by women too because of the sweet and spicy balance.

Features that Stand Out

  • A small flame that doesn’t burn out too quickly.
  • The pleasant smell builds up slowly and then lingers on for hours.
  • Fills up a small room quickly despite the small size.
  • Certainly not one of the best but a nice and balanced fragrance that one would enjoy.
  • It can be given as a small but meaningful gift.


Some may feel disappointed by the size, which happens to be small when compared to others.

7. Smoke and Vanilla, Masculine Scented Candles by Craft & Kin

Smoke & Vanilla Scented Candle , masculine scented Candles for Men 14 Fabulous Masculine Scented Candles for Your Man Cave

Source: Craft & Kin’s Smoke and Vanilla Candle at Amazon

Size: Not specified Burn Time: 40 Hours (approx.) Rating: 4.3 stars Reviews: 290


For those who don’t like overpowering manly smelling candles, Smoke and Vanilla by Craft and Kin is a great choice. The vanilla scent super infused with smokiness reminds you of a cosy and warm library and languid fall weather. You would detect the hints of bergamot, sandalwood and leather. Even the most self-absorbed guests would end up asking: “Wow! Something smells good!”

Features that Stand Out

  • The wood wick and fabric label pair perfectly with the black glass making this a classy item to complement your decor.
  • The opaque black glass makes the radiance brighter at the top.
  • A strong fragrance that soothes without overpowering your senses.


None except faulty glass in a rare case.

8. Cowboy by Love & Linger, Best Masculine Scented Candles

Leather Scented Candles | Campfire Scented Candles | Luxury Soy & Beeswax Candles for Home | 16 oz. Large Jar 3 Wick Candle | Masculine scented Candle14 Fabulous Masculine Scented Candles for Your Man Cave

Source: Love & Linger’s Cow Boy scented Candle at Amazon

Size: 16 Oz Burn time: 50 Hours (approx..) Rating: 4.3 stars Reviews: 15


If the cowboy in you needs an awakening then this one should be what you need to go for among rustic manly smelling candles. It not only smells of a campfire in the wilderness but also of leather. This scented candle is a woodsy scent that speaks about boots and cowboy hats and tales narrated around a campfire in the wild west of yore or how the inside of a leather shop feels. Women who love the fragrance of leather would love this candle.

Features that Stand Out

  • Strong scent that is there even when unlit and prevails.
  • Long-lasting burn.
  • Hell of a great masculine scented candle to gift to a special someone with an inner cowboy.


  • Certain people may find the fragrance odd.
  • It may trigger a headache in those who are used to subtle fragrances.

9. Bachelor Pad by Manly Indulgence, Manly Smelling Candles

Manly Indulgence Bachelor Pad Jar Candle 16.5 oz - Woodsy Oakmoss, Bergamot, Black Tea, Citrus Hints, manly smelling candles14 Fabulous Masculine Scented Candles for Your Man Cave

Source: MI’s Bachelor Pad at Amazon

Size: 16.5 Oz Burn time: 60 Hours (approx.) Rating: 4.3 stars Reviews: 417


If you want your simple apartment to transform into a man pad, then this is what this scented candle by Indulgence’s fragrances promises to do. The top notes are of black tea infused with lemon and bergamot, middle ones like Muguet, Geranium, Clary sage, and the base notes of Oakmoss, Blondewood give the foundation the scented candle needs.

With the fragrance of geraniums, this classy looking scented candle would make the ambiance inviting enough for your buddies or that special someone. Manly smelling candles like this one has fans among women too.

Features that Stand Out

  • A dark and rich scent that stays around.
  • Black and elegant packaging.
  • A great scented candle with a bevy of woody and herby notes.


  • Somewhat expensive than others but the longer-lasting burn justifies the price tag.
  • It takes a more for the scent to build up than its other counterparts.

10. ManKandle by Magestic Zen, Manly Smelling Candles


Majestic Zen Man Kandle, masculine scented candles14 Fabulous Masculine Scented Candles for Your Man Cave


Source: Majestic Zen’s ManKandle at Amazon

Size: 9 Oz Burn Time: 70 Hours Rating: 4.4 stars Reviews: 4


This is a scented candle designed distinctly for men and is called ‘date night’. The fragrance comprises the refreshing scent of grass, the calming eucalyptus, the spicy anise and tarragon, the woody notes of cedar, and shrubby minty patchouli. Manly smelling candles like this one has female fans too who have gifted this scented candle to their partners.

Features that Stand Out

  • A refreshing masculine scent that reminds you of fine quality musky aftershave.
  • Thick glass jar.
  • Long throw.
  • Long burn time.


  • The sticker on the jar looks a bit whimsical if you don’t appreciate inspiration veiled in humor.
  • A bit expensive when compared to other masculine scented candles.

11. Warm Tobacco Pipe Candle, DW Home’s Best Man Cave Candles

DW Home Medium Warm Tobacco Pipe Candle in Glass Jar with Copper Lid- 9.21 Oz., manly smelling candles14 Fabulous Masculine Scented Candles for Your Man Cave

Source: Warm Tobacco Pipe Candle from DW Home at Amazon

Size: 9.21 Oz Burn Time: 33 Hours Rating: 4.4 stars Reviews: 15


This unique scented candle enraptures the old world charm of a tobacco pipe. It evokes nostalgia and romanticism of a beloved elderly smoking his tobacco pipe. The jar is high on aesthetics, with a dark glass interior, a shiny copper treated lid. The candle has been designed by a candle artist and has been designed by hand.

Features that Stand Out

  • A pleasant pipe tobacco scent that doesn’t overpower the senses.
  • Long burn time.
  • Beautiful packaging, making it a great gift-able item.
  • A great man for those who love unique scents.


  • Mild for many people’s taste who like an expect a stronger tobacco scent.
  • Somewhat pricey when compared to other counterparts.
  • Suitable for smaller spaces only.

12. Bacon & Bourbon Man Candle by Silver Dollar Candle Co.

Man Cave Candle 16oz Bacon & Bourbon Man Mason Jar Candle - Hand poured 100% Soy Wax Scented Candle for Men, masculine scented candles14 Fabulous Masculine Scented Candles for Your Man Cave

Source: Bacon & Bourbon Man Candle by Silver Dollar Candle Co. at Amazon

Size: 8 oz Burn Time: 70 Hours (approx.) Rating: 4.5 stars Reviews: 148


Who doesn’t love Bacon and bourbon? This scented candle combines the two. Anything that reminds you of a lovely breakfast and a nice dinner is great. This is a treat for curious minds.

Features that Stand Out

  • A unique and delicious smelling scented candle.
  • A manly smelling candle for those who like food aromas.
  • A warm scent perfect for a wintry night.



13. Givodan Candles for Home Scented Candles, Manly Smelling Candles

14 Fabulous Masculine Scented Candles for Your Man Cave

Gentleman by Givodan, Masculine Scented Candles for Men Women Aromatherapy Candle, 100% Natural Soy Candles Jar Candles, 7 Oz 45 Hour Burn14 Fabulous Masculine Scented Candles for Your Man Cave

Source: Givodan’s Gentleman Candle at Amazon

Size: 7 Oz Burn Time: 45 Hours Rating: 4.3 stars Reviews: 5


As the name suggests, this scented candle is a tribute to the inner gentleman in you. The scent is that of amber. It’s a very soft but very pleasant scent, perfect for those with finer sensibilities.

Features that Stand Out

  • A fine, delicate amber scent that is enduring.
  • Minimalist design who believe in gentlemanly values.
  • Manufacturing and expiry dates on the label can help you ascertain the shelf life of the candle you are purchasing.
  • A promising addition to manly smelling candles.


Small size.

14. Warm Tobacco, Smoked Suede, Fresh Shave Tobacco | Bachelor Pad Candle Set by CANDLE THEORY

Warm Tobacco, CANDLE THEORY Man Cave Stuff Men Candles, Crackling Candles For Man Cave14 Fabulous Masculine Scented Candles for Your Man Cave

Source: Bachelor Pad Variety Set by Candle Theory at Amazon

Size: 4 Oz each Burn Time: 40 Hours Rating: 4.2 stars Reviews: 455


This is a masculine scented candles set that combines four distinct masculine scents in a set comprising small apothecary jars. The brand claims to have used research and experimentation to come up with distinct fragrances appealing to the male sensibilities, better throw and longevity.

Features that Stand Out

  • Each fragrance will appeal to your sensibilities in a different way. Good for those who want variety in one pack.
  • Beautiful jars and packaging.
  • The wood wicks create a great burn experience.
  • Strong scents that build and endure without overpowering these senses.


Smaller sizes mean that each candle burn out quickly.


The right masculine scented candles would make your personal space super comfortable, inviting and welcoming for your buddies. Lovely, manly, musky, enticing masculine scented candles can help you unwind, set the mood for a romantic dinner with your partner, or a chill out with your buddies. From all the candles assessed above, Midsummer’s Night, Yankee candle at Amazon happens to be my topmost recommendations.

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