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How to Get the Best Burn Out of Your Crackling Wood Wicks Candles

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Scented candles create a fragrant and soothing ambiance. But it’s there is something utterly fascinating in the glow and sound Crackling wood wicks candles create.

The crackle of the wood wick candle is what the crunch is to the potato chips. The crackle of the wood wick candle is what the rustle is to autumnal dry leaves when one steps on them. It’s mysterious, primeval, wonderfully soothing. That slick crackling sound in the stillness of the day or night can really perk up your senses.

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How to Get the Best Burn Out of
Your Crackling Wood Wicks Candles

Crackling wood wicks candles fire one’s imagination. You would feel as if you have been transported to a secluded log cabin and are sitting by the fireplace, seeing the wood logs burn and crackle. When I am in a reflective mood, doing my crochet or journaling, I chose a wood wick candle to match my vibe. If my furbabies are sitting with me, I see them perking up their ears an paying attention to each crackle. WoodWick Candles Store happens to be my most favorite brand because crackling wood wicks candles are its specialty (as the name signifies).

One wonders what is the mystery or science behind the crackle of wood wick candles. I have put together a few things about crackling wood wicks candles underneath. I hope you would find it as fascinating as I did:

How Does Wood Wick Candles Produce the Crackling Sound

The wood wicks are manufactured from soft timber, which is ignited in order to dry out the moisture in it. When the wood undergoes the heating process, the wood’s cell expand and moisture gets retained in the cellular pockets. When the heat becomes intense, it comes to a stage where the moisture turns to steam. Some of the steam gets released, but the steam that stays trapped exerts pressure on the surrounding cellular walls, until they starts giving away. The steam that escapes creates tiny bursts of flames and the spectacular crackling sound.

5 Benefits of Wood Wick Candles When Compared to Cotton Wick Candles

1) Lesser Residue

Cotton wicks produce soot, debris and smoke. Unlike cotton wicks, wood wicks provide a cleaner burn. They leave behind charred wood residue which can be trimmed before the next burn.

2) Cleaner Burn

Wood wicks tend to trap more moisture in them than cotton wicks, hence, they produce cleaner, clearer, brighter flame and even burn.

3) Slow Burn, More Value for Money

Wood wicks are more long lasting than cotton wicks, as the burn is slower, steadier and even. So, even if a candle with cotton wick seems more affordable, it’s the wood wick candles that would help you get more mileage out of a burn.

4) Better Diffusion of Fragrance

The flame of a wood wick is thicker and more even, thus, the diffusion of essential oils and scents is 40% stronger (provided that the manufacturer has incorporated quality essential oils and fragrances in its candle formulation).

5) Eco-friendlier

Wood wicks are made from wood solely. On the other hand, cotton wicks are manufactured and often have phthalates and toxins. Therefore, wood wicks are more environment friendly.

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My Personal Recommendations in Crackling Wood Wick Candles from the WoodWick Candle Store

I have tested a few woodwick candles but have ended up sticking with only WoodWick Store’s candles. Here is why:

I bought my first crackling wood wick candle from this brand 5 years back and I can’t get enough of the variety it offers. The perfect wood wicks crafted from the New PlusWick design , the tall, elegant hour glass shape and wooden lids are what distinguishes this company’s candles from other woodwick candles’ manufacturers.

 This post contains affiliate links. Just so you know, I may earn a commission should you choose to make a purchase using my link. Clicking the links doesn’t add any additional cost to you! I hope you love the products I recommend!

The company also has Ribbonwick or Hearthwick lines which are also delightfully novel, yet the crackling wood wick candles remain my favorite to get the fireplace vibe going.

1) WoodWick’s Hourglass shaped Vanilla & Sea Salt Scented Candle

When it’s hot and humid outside, the fireplace is out but. There are times when you miss the feeling, especially when the night is quiet and the evening breeze is slightly chilly. The warm vanilla, infused with soft, fragrant jasmine, mixed with sea salt that makes you think of the coastal sunset and beach. All in all, it’s a gentle, beautiful fragrance to complement the sultry, coastal, summer night.

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*Ratings and reviews as of 11/6/22; may change at any time.

Image Source: WoodWick Vanilla & Salt scented candle at Amazon

2) WoodWick’s Hourglass shaped Fireside Scented Candle

Fireside crackling wood wick candle is a great choice for the fall. Let me tell you why:

Sure enough, the grey color looks boring in a fall or winter decor, but its the smell that has me hooked. A rolly polly of amber, musk, and bergamot would remind you more of the outdoorsy campfire smell rather than a fireside. For me, the fragrance is not hot enough for winters, as I like my winter candle to be smokier and warm enough to emulate the real fireside feel and vibe.

The the wick produces an authentic, strong and soothing crackling sound! The flame is even and vigorous. The crackling sound and the scent stays in every burn. It is enough to fill my medium-sized room.

The scent lingers even after the candle is blown off. I get a large candle and it does last quite long (more than 100 hours), which justifies the higher price tag (above $25).

WoodWick, Fireside, Amazon,  crackling wood wicks scented candles

WoodWick’s Hourglass shaped Fireside Scented Candle

*Ratings and reviews as of 11/6/22; may change at any time.

Image source: WoodWick Fireside Au Coin Du Feu Scented candle at Amazon

I have tried the Trilogy line from WoodWick as well and it’s a class apart. WoodWick Trilogy Mountain Trail – Evergreen, Wood Smoke, Frasier Fir and Tropical Sunrise – Blue Java Banana, Seaside Mimosa, Tamarind and Stonefruit Scented Crackling wood wick candles are multi-layered and complex scents. However, the price tag is fairly high for me (above $30). WoodWick Autumn Comfort is something that looked heavenly as a fall candle but didn’t quite work for me.

 I would prefer to light the Trilogy line when I am having guests over. But my better half and I prefer something basic, earthy and simple, and the above recommendations just tick all the boxes for us.

In the next section, I would teach you how to properly light and care for your wood wick candles, so that you are able to enjoy the perfect crackling sound and make them last longer too.

8 Things to Remember when You are Burning a Woodwick Candle for the First Time

Burning woodwick candles requires a little bit of care and tact, if it’s your first time to burn them.

1) Handle the 1st Burn Patiently

The first burn happens to be critical, as a burn pattern needs to get established. I know that you are dying to get to enjoy your wood wick candle but you have to be patient! If you are lighting a wood wick candle for the first time, it takes near about 8 strikes to light the wood wick.

2) Give it Time

Break into your wooden wick candle only when you have the time and patience. As the correct pooling of wax can take some times, 3-4 hours even, if your candle is large-sized.

3) Aim for the Edges of the Container

The melting wax need to pool and reach all the way up to the side of your candle container. A useful tip to get an wide and even burn is to tilt your wooden wick candle slightly, so the flame covers a wider area of wax.

4) Establish/Repeat the Pool Pattern

Once the pooling pattern is set, you can light woodwick candle just like cotton wick candle. You don’t have to let the wax pool form till the edge of your candle jar. But after a few burns, you may have to reestablish the pool pattern again.

How to Get the Best Burn Out of Your Crackling Wood Wicks Candles
Source: Canva Designed

5) What Happens when the Pooling Pattern isn’t Set

If the wood wick candle doesn’t pool properly, the wax would tunnel around the wood wick. As a result, a slump would form around the wick.

Once the slump continues sinking inward and getting deeper, your candle’s flame wouldn’t be able to draw in oxygen. Therefore, the flame would most probably go out. So, the entire burn of the candle would be uneven, leading to wastage and a disappointing first experience.

6) Trim the Wooden Wick after Each Burn

You need to properly trim your wooden wick candle after each use. 1/8th inch is the ideal length. Use a nail clipper or metal wire cutter for a cleaner and even cut.

Since a wooden wick creates more debris and char, this step is more comparatively more important for wood wick candles than it is for cotton wick candles, as a wooden wick tends to char more.

You need to trim and clean the wooden wick once the wax and wick are cooled down. Unmelted wax is not only messier to clean but can burn your finger tips (ouchies)!

7)How to Salvage a drowning Flame

A very common issue is the wooden wick candles’ flame drowning in the surrounding tunneled wax. It is very frustrating but you can do a few things to salvage the wick and flame:

  • Soak the excessive wax surrounding the wick and flame with a paper napkin (Be careful as to not the napkin catch fire).
  • Put the flame out, wait for a few minutes to let the soften wax set a bit and then light the candle again.
  • If the flame is still drowning, then you need to put it out again. Then spare a few minutes and evenly scrape out the wax from the flame till the edges to create an even wax pattern.
  • If the flame still isn’t strong enough to stay alight, then you can fold a scarp of aluminum foil like a tunnel. Then place the tunnel around the flame, so the heat from the aluminum can melt the wax, while giving the flame a chance to get stronger.
  • If none of these tips work, then it’s your hard luck. Don’t give up and try following the anti-tunneling steps more meticulously. Sometimes, all you need is little but of practice.

8) Invest in Quality Crackling Woodwicks Candles

Last but not the least, it is important to invest in a quality product. WoodWick Store’s Fireside and Vanilla and Sea Salt scented candles are my top choices and recommendations. They comprise crackling wood wicks candles made from plant based soy wax and 100% natural essential oils. WoodWick Store’s candles produce far less soot, grime and smoke and don’t end up giving me a sinus headache.

Last But Not the Least...

Crackling wood wicks candles enhance the ambiance and uplift the mood and spirit. The glow is heavenly and the shadows they cast is fascinating. Burning a wood wick candle the first time can be a bit daunting, but a few considerations and tips would help you break into this scintillating experience.

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