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How to Use a Hygge Candle to Support Hyggelight and Lifestyle

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The phrase “hygge” has become a worldwide obsession and hygge candle and hyggelight are a big part of it. Here is what you need to know to create a Hygge Lifestyle easily in your home:

What Does Hygge Mean

Hygge has its roots in the Scandinavian culture. Originally from Denmark, it is a way of life that places comfort and simplicity in everyday life. It comes from the Norse language, which means “comfort,” and is the source of the English word ‘hug’. In Denmark, hygge is a popular lifestyle, with it becoming a part of the Danish values. Danish hygge candles are very popular.

In today’s world, hygge is a trend that has caught on. Despite its popularity, it has been diluted by overzealous marketers, and its exact meaning depends on individual preference. Today, hygge, hygee lifestyle, supported by hygge candles and hyggelight, has gained momentum as a worldwide trend, particularly during a pandemic.

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What Does the Hygge Lifestyle Compromise

In simple terms, hygge is the concept of being warm, connected, and in loving company of others around a warm fireplace or a hygge candle. In fact, hygge and candles go hand in hand. So if you are tired from the frenzied pace of your life and want to slow down your life a little, hygge lifestyle is something you can embrace. One way to do so is to go for a hyggelight lit life.

To achieve the hygge lifestyle, you need to create a cozy environment for yourself and your loved ones. You can do this with scented candles and through a lot of other elements of comfort, wonder and joy.

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If you’ve ever wondered how to create a cosy atmosphere, you’re not alone. There’s no right or wrong way to embrace the hygge lifestyle. Here a few ideas involving a hygge candle or another source of hyggelight:

Take Out Your Soft and Warm Furnishings

Another way to support hygge is to add soft furnishings to your home. Fur throws and cushions will give your room a cozier atmosphere. Area rugs and floor pillows are great ways to add comfort to your living space. People who practice hygge love to keep their homes comforting and enjoy cozy activities like snuggling under a blanket, surrounded by hyggelight.

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Add Texture for Comfort

Use different fabrics on the same walls or on furniture to create a mix. Ceiling medallions, if you have them, can also add texture. You can also add texture to your home by purchasing leather chairs or a beautiful vintage side chair. Hygge can also be created through paint.

Hyggelight, hygge candle
Image credit: Valentina Ivanova@Unsplash

Burn a Hygge Candle to create a Hygge Ambiance

If you want to create a cozy, hygge-like ambiance in your home, one of the best ways to start is by lighting up some hygge scented candles.

A hygge candle can help in creating a cozy ambiance in your home. Scented candles can make any room seem a little cozier. If you want to embrace the Hygge lifestyle, light a lavender candle to feel calm and tranquil.

Scented candles add an extra layer of comfort, especially if they are surrounded by cozy candles and ambient music. Scented candles make your home inviting and comfortable. Scented candles also serve as elements of visual appeal and sensual delight.

A hygge candle smells divine, look mystifying and add warmth to the scene. This cozy ambiance is synonymous with romantic evenings, baths, and a quiet night with a good book. Burning candles creates a soft, warm glow that adds a touch of coziness to any setting and activity. Hygge candles Amazon will help you get your hands on simple but beautiful hygge candles.

Hygge candle, hyggelight, hygge and candle
Image source: Lena Mytchyk@Unsplash

Use Artificial Light Creatively

While hygge scented candles are central to the Hygge ambiance, you can use other types of lights to create the same effect. You can also use electric lights, but make sure you choose ones that don’t end up creating a stark and glaring light. While searching for Hygge candles Amazon, you may come across other lighting options that are creative, beautiful and totally in line with the hygge lifestyle.

In addition to a hygge candle, you can use lampshades to mimic candlelight, which is a natural option for low-wattage bulbs. Aside from hygee scented candles, you can also diffuse incense or burn essential oils to create a soft hyggelight impact.

Use the Fireplace for Hyggelight

A classic hygge scenario is curling up in front of a fireplace. A fire transforms a room, bringing with it a cozy ambiance and a calming hyggelight and warmth. Another essential element of a hygge ambiance is a fireplace. Unlike electronic devices, fireplaces offer a cozy glow that is par to none.

The combination of warmth and fire makes a perfect sanctuary for you and your loved ones to gather around. Also, fireplaces add warmth and intimacy to any room.

You can even enjoy hyggelight if you don’t have an indoor fireplace. Hygge candles can also help you achieve the desired effect in your home.

Declutter to Create a Hygge Space

The hygge philosophy emphasizes keeping only those things in your home that give you joy. One way to create a hygge environment is to declutter your home. Decluttering your home doesn’t necessarily mean throwing everything out – it can be as simple as removing unnecessary objects and letting natural hyggelight stream in. I usually store away things meant for summer and take out items meant for fall and winter, i.e., blankets, sweater, heavy duvets, light blankets and heavy ones.

Take Out Beautiful Things with Sentimental Value

You just need to find the things you enjoy around your home and take extra moments of mindfulness to appreciate them. This will make you feel the vibe of the hygge lifestyle and then re-create it in your own home!

This can include family photos, shelf-mounted souvenirs from your favorite vacations, and any other objects you find beautiful. You can also create a gallery wall in your home to display favorite memories, people and places.

You can also display personal items such as dried bouquets of flowers, framed drawings, or other treasures that were purchased during a trip abroad. These items can add a personal touch to the room and add to the overall hygge atmosphere. Real wood pieces, rocks, stones, twigs, etc, bring nature indoors.

Hyggelight, hygge candle, hagge scented candle
Image source: Jessica Delp@Unsplash

Have Hot Beverages

Another key element of Hygge is the presence of a hot drink. It can be a hot mug of coco, coffee or tea or even green tea, reading a book by the fireplace or near a hygge candle flickering on your coffee table or side table, helping you concentrate and feel inspired and less stressed.

Cook Yummlicious Hygge meals

Hygge is often associated with comfort food, tea sets, and other elements that make the meal feel warm and inviting.

People embracing Hygge lifestyle also love to cook and eat warm meals, sneaking treats from their holiday cookie jar to enjoy at home. And they love to snuggle with their cat! Whether it’s a warm mug of cocoa or a bowl of hot chocolate, a scented candle is sure to support this lifestyle.

The goal of hygge is to slow down and enjoy the experience of cooking. For many people, cooking hygge meals is a form of cooking up and consuming comfort meals. The entire cooking process feel more enjoyable, resulting in a more satisfying meal. You can proof and rise dough and bake bread from scratch. You can also cook bone broth for hours on the stove to extract the wholesome goodness and health benefits. You can bake cakes, pies and cookies from the scratch and enjoy them as after dinner treat, with huge dollops of ice-creams and chocolate and caramel glazes.

Have a HyggeLight Dinner

Try cooking with hygee scented candles in your kitchen. The aroma of scented candles will create a cosy atmosphere. You can also light scented candles before eating to add a warm atmosphere to your meal. In addition, you can set the mood by placing candles at various heights at your dinner table. The lower your hygge scented candles are, the cozier the atmosphere will feel.

Create and Enjoy Togetherness

Embracing the hygge lifestyle means focusing on the small things that matter most. You need to spend time with family and friends, and hygge candles can help create this atmosphere. Hygge encourages you to spend time together, so be sure to keep a board game to play and enjoy together, or a book to read together aloud. It’s not a bad idea to put your TV on the side to encourage some quiet time.


The hygge lifestyle is all about embracing the little things. It’s about being happy and content with the little things. Hygge’s all about beautiful hygge candles, a cozy hyggelight, soft layers, and small ways to relax like bubble baths, soups, pies, hot drinks, etc. The simple practice Hygge of is also great for your health. Hygge activities are simple, but can be a big help in bringing some hygge into your life.

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