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The Orange Cinnamon Clove Review – A Homage to Fall

The Orange Cinnamon Clove Review - A Homage to Fall

Love fall, but hate the fall induced lethargyness? Well that’s me! I love fall but my bones and muscles feel ache and the throat is scratchy. The body demands comfort!

With the sun setting early and lesser exposure to sunlight, it is natural to feel sleepy and crave comfort. All one wants to do is to head home, put behind the cares of the day and relax, especially if you prone to feel weird and sad when fall starts!

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A Cheerful Giver’s Orange Cinnamon Candle just hits all the right notes that my comfort craving senses need. What better way there is to bring some light, warmth and delicious fall aroma in your living room than to light a spice laden, fall scented candle! Here is why I love this particular candle scent:  

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Orange Cinnamon Clove from A Cheerful Giver Reviewed

A Cheerful Giver — Orange Cinnamon Clove - 34oz Papa Scented Candle Jar with Lid - Keepers of the Light - 155 Hours of Burn Time, Gift for Women, Orange, best fall scented candles

Source: Orange Cinnamon Clove Candle at Amazon

Product Specifications

Size: 34 Hours Burn time: 155 Hours (approx.) Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars Reviews: 393 (and counting)

My Personal Notes

The Orange Cinnamon Clove Review - A Homage to Fall
Source: Canva

This scented candle is a spectacular, usual but not that usual, fall season treat:

The Scent Profile

  • Sweet, spicy, warm, hot, inviting, comforting, layered aroma of cinnamon.
  • Orange’s tangy, sweet presence uplift’s the cinnamon’s earthiness.
  • A dash of clove scent brings out the best from both the cinnamon and orange.

The Packaging

  • Beautiful farmhouse inspired jar.
  • Black, engraved lid.
  • A tweedy frill around the jar’s neck.
  • Cute hang tag label
  • Dual wicks.

Product Comparison

Here is how Cheerful Giver’s Orange Cinnamon Clove Candle compares with other more popular counterparts, specially the typical Village and Yankee fall scents:

Product Name


Star Rating


Value for Money

34 Oz

4.5 Stars

4.6 Stars


26 Oz

4.4 Stars

4.1 Stars 



4.6 Stars

4.6 Stars

Most Expensive

What I Love

The first thing you would notice is how distinct and beautiful the packaging is! The country styled jar, the cute tie and the hang label! The next thing is the gorgeous, dark, lush, cinnamon orangish color.

The wicks are sturdy. The flame takes its due time to build. Skip this stage and you would have wax pooling in and the wick drowning in it.
Once lit, the burn is medium sized. Meanwhile, the fragrance is strong enough to be felt right when you open the lid. Once lit, it fragrance slowly and gently wafts through the living space. The orange, cinnamon and clove scents are in harmony. Neither too weak, nor overpowering.

The citrusy orange aroma is tempered by the spicy tinges of cinnamon and clove. My partner feels that the cinnamon scent overpowers the orange and clove, but for a cinnamon lover likes me, that’s not an issue. In fact, it is something, I EXPECT from a cinnamon scented candle.

This fall candle makes an aesthetically pleasing gift for a housewarming party: pleasantly warm, comforting, and inviting. I bought my first Cheerful Giver’s Orange Cinnamon Clove Candle as a gift for a cousin who recently brought a country style house.

She JUST COULDN’T STOP RAVING about it to the extent that I decided to get the Orange Cinnamon candle myself and check whether it was just my cousin’s fall fever and fervor or something real!

The Downside

For someone who loves collecting a repurposing unique jars, here is what I discovered: The jar looks thick and sturdy, but is not! So, be careful when handling it. Mine came in a bubble wrap.

Commonly Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that come to the mind when intending to make a purchase:

What does the fragrance of the Cheerful Giver’s Orange Cinnamon Candle feel like?

It feels like homemade slow, simmered, rich orange, cinnamon and clove infused potpourri.

What’s the size of a papa candle?

The papa sized  jar comprises 5 inches. Add another half inch for the lid. Make no mistake! This is a huge candle jar that would last a while.

What kind of wax is used in the Orange Cinnamon Candle?

A Cheerful Giver uses paraffin wax in it all its candles.

Which scent is stronger orange or cinnamon?

I have to say that the cinnamon is stronger and the orange balances its earthiness.

Check Out Video Review By Meg (A YouTube Reviewer)

Meg, a YouTube Candle reviewer, has done a detailed review of Orange Cinnamon Clove Candle by a Cheerful Giver. Do check it out:

The Verdict!

There is a welcoming, homely and comforting vibe to this scented candle that has easily made it a great addition to my favorite fall candle scents, the ones I like to keep and gift as well. For those who want a break from typical Village and Yankee fall scents, this Orange Cinnamon candle from A Cheerful Giver is the perfect fit.

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I am Tia Adaline. I am a self-proclaimed scent enthusiast, a scented candle junkie.
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