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Spook-licious Rae Dunn Halloween Candles, Mugs & Jars!

Rae Dunn Halloween Candles

The Rae Dunn brand is famous for its beautiful, eyeball knocking kitchen and household ceramics. It’s Halloween line has been unique and very well-crafted. This year’s Rae Dunn Halloween candles stock isn’t in yet, but some leftover items can be grabbed over from different vendors. If you are a Rae Dunn ceramic fan like me, you can still get hold of these leftover items as quality Halloween gifts or something nifty and unique to celebrate Halloween in your home:

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1. Rae Dunn Spooky Halloween Candle, Autumn Leaves Scented Candle

Rae Dunn, Spooky Halloween CandleSpook-licious Rae Dunn Halloween Candles, Mugs & Jars!

Source: Amazon

Size: 10.5 Oz Wicks: 2 Scent: Autumn Leaves

Item availability checked on Oct 13th, 2022!

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2. Rae Dunn Halloween Hocus Pocus Vanilla Scented Candle with Decorative Ceramic Lid

Hocus Pocus Rae Dunn Halloween Candle, ceramic Jar with lidSpook-licious Rae Dunn Halloween Candles, Mugs & Jars!

Source: Hocus Pocus Rae Dunn Candle on Amazon

Size: 13.2 Oz Wicks: 1 Scent: Vanilla Stars: 5

Item availability checked on Oct 13th, 2022!

3. Rae Dunn Halloween Candle called JOY with Gnome Topper

Genome Rae Dunn Halloween Candle on AmazonSpook-licious Rae Dunn Halloween Candles, Mugs & Jars!

Source: c

Size: 13.2 Oz Burn Time: 60 (approx.) Scent: Peppermint Bark Stars: 5

Item availability checked on Oct 13th, 2022!

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I have covered only the Rae Dunn Halloween themed limited stock items only. In case these don’t grab your fancy, I have also reviewed autumn and fall scented candles. You can read all about them here.

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