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3 Thanksgiving Candle Scents that Smell like You are Cooking a Feast

3 Thanksgiving Candle Scents that Smell like You are Cooking a Feast

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to slow down, sit together with your favorite bunch of people and enjoy a lavish spread comprising turkey and pumpkin pie, and Thanksgiving candle scents adding light, mirth comfort to your holiday spread.

This year would be different, however, as it would just be me and my partner. Our families aren’t coming over. I will be hosting just two friends over.  So, I wouldn’t be cooking up a storm this time, due to a limited guest list and my health issues. I will cook some things, and our friends would bring over some dishes over.

So, this time around, my home will not be smelling of all those typical aromas of lavish, tantalizing Thanksgiving dishes. But holiday candle scents are my way to ensure that my house is going to fill with the mouth-watering aroma of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes all of the time, and not just on the Thanksgiving noon.

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3 Thanksgiving Candle Scents that Smell like You are Cooking a Feast
Image source: Erica Marsland Huynh@Unsplash

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These holiday Thanksgiving candle scents are perfect for the season! They will fill your house with delicious smells associated with the lavish Thanksgiving feast, just like they are doing at mine. They smell like turkey being baked, pumpkin pie fresh out of the oven and a tangy apple cider cocktail… Need I got to say more?  These They are also great for gift giving.

DW’s Thanksgiving Feast Candle that Smell Like Mashed Potato, Gravy and More…

Thanksgiving candle scents, DW Thanksgiving feast candle
Source: DW’s Thanksgiving Feast candle at DW Store

Size: Medium    Burn time: 45 hours (approx.)  Ratings: 4.1 stars  Reviews: 41Reviews


A turkey dinner is no turkey dinner without its lip smacking sides: the buttery, creamy mashed potato, the flavorful gravy, the tantalizing cranberry sauce, and herbelicious sage stuffing. The aroma of four scrumptious Thanksgiving dishes combined in one candle. DW’s Thanksgiving Feast candle would unleash fond memories of childhood, with memorable Thanksgiving meals cooked by your grandma and enjoyed with your cousins.  

My Personal Notes

  • The buttery, creamy, luscious fragrance hits your senses first. Then, other notes start hitting you layer by layer. The sage and gravy salted scents are what prevails.
  • The scent is multi-layered but not “richly scented”, as once it settles, it becomes weaker. I have smelt stronger smelling candles.
  • The burn is consistent. 
  • The medium-sized candle has one wick as opposed to the large-sized jar and 3-wicks. The promised burn time is 33 hours (approx.). The larger candle promises 56 hours (approx.) burn time. 
  • I have been burning mine almost every evening and the wax has diminished only a little bit.
  • I was expecting for this premium holiday candle scent to be expensive, but priced under $12 (*visit DW’s site for latest price and ratings) for a medium-sized candle, I think this candle has a very reasonable price tag.

Buying Information

DW’s Thanksgiving Feast is not available on Amazon though and only on DW’s own online store. Check here.

The Verdict

Savory scented holiday candles are not very common. Hence, DW’s Thanksgiving Feast stand out. It’s definitely a premium, multi-layered holiday Thanksgiving candle scent even the name of which would make you drool. The scent once settled is not very strong, but I think the sensation that this holiday crafted candle evokes that is priceless.

Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin 3-Wick Candle

BBW’s Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Thanksgiving Candle scent3 Thanksgiving Candle Scents that Smell like You are Cooking a Feast

Source: BBW’s Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin at Amazon

Size: 14.5 Oz   Burn time: 45 hours (approx.)  Ratings: 4.5 stars  Reviews: 26 Reviews


A Thanksgiving dinner would be incomplete without a sweet treat to round things off. Bath & Body’s Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle is a richly scented concoction that would wow your senses.

My Personal Notes

  • It’s a fall scented candle that I have tried as a Thanksgiving candle scent and I am not disappointed.
  • The pumpkin fragrance and cinnamon come out the strongest, while the spicy notes of clove is something I couldn’t detect.
  • The sugary scent is there. Overall, the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle is a cheerful, festive fragrance, just perfect for fall.
  • The fragrance is very heady. I opened the lid to get a whiff and it was there.
  • The three-wicks create a spectacular glow and like all BBW candles, the burn time is solid.  
  • The packaging is gorgeous, with a bronzy lid and the golden etchings on the label.

The Verdict

There are better smelling pumpkin spiced scented candles out there, such as Village candle’s Spiced Pumpkin . But when you need something more festive for the holidays, BBW Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle has the bling. It has three wicks, a rich fragrance, and a high-end packaging. It’s certainly a candle that you can confidently gift.  

Mulled Cider Candle by Love & Linger Perfect for Thanksgiving& Christmas

 Love & Linger’s Mulled Cider candle, thanksgiving candle scent3 Thanksgiving Candle Scents that Smell like You are Cooking a Feast

Source: Love & Linger’s Mulled Cider candle on Amazon

Size: 16 Oz   Burn time: 50 hours (approx.)  Ratings: 4.5 stars  Reviews: 20 Reviews


Love & Linger’s Mulled Cider would make your home smell amazing during the holidays. It’s made with premium essential oil, so the aroma is very potent and heady. And since this candle brand only uses beeswax, its candles have a clean burn and won’t leave behind any sticky residue.

My Personal Notes

  • Finding a solid mulled cider candle is nothing short of a fiat because the candles I had tried earlier. Sweet Water Décor’s and Our Own Candle Company’s Mulled Cider have fallen short somewhere, somehow. On the other hand, Love & Linger’s candles are really good, but fairly expensive due to the beeswax. But holidays are worth the splurge.
  • When I tried Love & Linger’s Mulled Cider, I was totally blown away by the richness of the scent. You can feel the apples’ brewy aroma, enriched with cinnamon’s warm, earthy aroma and the smatterings of allspice.
  • Love & Linger’s Mulled Cider has a full-bodied aroma that adds mirth and coziness to evening. But since it’s an expensive candle, I don’t burn it every evening. Since the size is big, I am sure this candle will see me through Christmas and New Year too.

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The Verdict

Love & Linger’s Mulled Cider is something that impress and delight. It’s worth every bit the penny.

To Sum Up

Whether it’s just the two of you or 10-20 people coming to your thanksgiving dinner, you can trust these three Thanksgiving scented candles to add glow, fragrance, oomph and cheer to your table. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so how about filling your home with these three rich and delicious smelling, multi-layered candle scents?

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