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Transform the Ambience of Your Bathroom With Spa Scented Candles

spa scented candles

We all want our bathrooms to look and smell as nice as the rest of our homes. One way to quickly and easily do this in a budget-friendly is to place spa scented candles in your bathroom.

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Image credit: Julia Karnavusha on Unsplash, Spa scented candles

Transform the Ambience of Your Bathroom
With Spa Scented Candles

Bathroom – An Essential Part of the Home

A bathroom as a placed serves a very important function in our lives. It’s a place for taking care of personal hygiene, everyday. Our daily routine starts from this place in the morning and ends there at night! Thus, it makes sense to create an ambiance in our bathrooms that is not just clean but also inviting and soothing for your senses. That’s why bathroom makeovers are given importance.

A Place of Hygiene and More…

Considering the stressors and the hectic pace of our lives, come to think of it, a bathroom is much more than a functional place in our homes. It’s your sanctuary where you need to rejuvenate yourself. Your bathroom is your place of sanity and solitude when things get overwhelming.

It helps us get clean as well as re-freshen, relax and ground ourselves while battling the stressors of the day.

Think of a nice, long, hot shower or a bubble bath in a bathtub after a tough day at work.

Likewise, a hot bath can be the only source of sanity and escape for a mom with young kids.

Then, add rose petals in the tub and surround it with spa scented candles and you have the perfect stage for seducing your partner.

Your Bathroom An Extension of Your Personality and Hospitality

A bathroom is not just a personal place for you and your family. It is a place which is used by your guests as well whether they are visiting you for a few hours or are staying for some time.

It’s important to have a fully functional and clean bathroom stocked with personal cleanliness supplies. These aspect show how attentive you are to details and responsible as a person in the domestic domain.

The cleanliness, hygiene level and the atmosphere in your bathrooms (common bathroom or guest bathroom) not only create a favorable impression on your guests but also show them how welcome they are at your place.

Surely, you want your bathroom to be a refreshing and inviting place and not the dreadful place from where your guest want to get out as soon as they go in.

Paying attention to the look, feel and vibe of your bathrooms can create a place of functionality and relaxation not only for you but also for anyone visiting your home.

Transform the Ambience of Your Bathroom With Spa Scented Candles
Source: Sam Loyd@Unsplash

Why it’s Important to Create a Soothing Ambiance

A bathroom spruced up thoughtfully is the ZEN space you look forward to return to after a long day at work.

Whether you are a professional who commute to work, or a remote worker, whether you are a stay at home mom or a student, stress and pressures are an inevitable part of our lives. We all need and deserve pampering and relaxation in our lives. A little self-care goes a long way!

One way to create a odor- and stress-free environment in your bathroom is to simply place a scented candle there! These small elements can go a long way in creating a place we look forward to spend time in.

No doubt, spa scented candles are the easiest and budget friendly way to transform a bathroom into an at home spa, a sanctuary for your tired soul.

Who doesn’t love going to the spa as the best way to de-stress and rejuvenate. The rejuvenating soak at the end of the spa session is the finale most of us look forward to when visiting a high-end spa.

While you can’t afford to spend your day at the spa everyday or renovate your bathroom, spa scented candles can significantly transform the look and feel of even the most ordinary and boring bathroom.

Scented candles come in great variety due to their unique scents and shapes. From the luxurious, branded ones to relatively lesser known and affordable brands, there certainly is a spa scented candle for every taste and budget. It is not difficult to create a spa-like ambiance at home in your very bathroom, with accessorizing and the right scented bath candles. Just get hold of bath bombs or bath salts, a fluffy towel or robe and you have the ingredients to create super relaxing spa at home experience.

7 Ways Spa Scented Candle Can Uplift You and Your Bathroom’s Feel

Scented candles are not pretty things we just like to buy to display around our house, they spa at home experience.

Beautiful Fragrance to Wow Your Senses

Bathrooms are places prone to unpleasant smells, dampness and stagnation. While better ventilation will help you get rid of stagnant air and dampness, a strong, clean and refreshing scent can help you mask unpleasant odors.

I recommend and Still Water Bath and Body’s Crisp Citrus and Just Make Scents’ fruity Odor and Smoke Eliminator Candle.

 This post contains affiliate links. Just so you know, I may earn a commission should you choose to make a purchase using my link. However, clicking the links doesn’t add any additional cost to you! I hope you love the products I recommend!

""” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored nofollow”>Still Water, Nature’s Way Bath & Body Crisp Citrus↗

Still Waters, Nature's Way, Crisp Citrus, Bath CandlesTransform the Ambience of Your Bathroom With Spa Scented Candles

Source: Still Water Bath & Body’s Crisp Citrus at Amazon
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Just Make Scent’s Fruity Odor & Smoke↗

Just Makes Scents, Smoke & Odor Eliminator, Bath candlesTransform the Ambience of Your Bathroom With Spa Scented Candles

Source: Just Make Scents’ Fruit Odor & Smoke at Amazon

View More at Amazon

The Right Scent Creates the Right Mood

Using scented candles in the bathroom is not just about covering unpleasant smells, spa scented candles and bath candles are very versatile. You can choose herbal and earthy fragrances, ethereal, breezy and clean, woodsy and masculine, or floral and feminine bath scents around your bath tub to create a soothing and enchanting spa-level experience.

The essential oils and fragrances in spa grade candles have been infused to provoke a certain feeling and mood.

Want to treat your senses, ESNA HOME’s Lavender and White Tea Scented Jar candle and LA JOLIE MUSE’s Jasmine Scented Candle are one of the luxury candles that would transport your humble bathroom into a high-end hotel’s spa anytime.

On the other hand, if you want to seduce your partner, go for Way Out West’s sensuous Romantic Rose or the captivating Rose Noir & Oud Scented Candle.

What Are the Best Candles for Bathrooms?

Using scented candles in the bathroom can help you create your own sanctuary. I have selected some of the best candles for bathrooms underneath. These candles are truly luxurious in essence and appearance. They have the capability to transform the humblest of bathrooms into a place of relaxation. Guys! These go out FAST on Amazon and are often out of stock. So grab ’em while you can:

Esna Home Lavender & White Tea Spa Scented Candle↗

 Esna's Lavender & White Tea Spa scented candle Transform the Ambience of Your Bathroom With Spa Scented Candles

Source: Esna’s Lavender & White Tea at Amazon
View More on Amazon

La Jolie Muse Jasmine Spa Scented Candle↗

La Jolie Muse, Jasmine spa scented candles

Source: La Jolie Jasmine Candle at Amazon

View More on Amazon

Way Out’s Romantic Rose Spa Scented Candle↗

Way Out's Romantic Rose, spa scented candles Transform the Ambience of Your Bathroom With Spa Scented Candles

Source: Way Out’s Romantic Rose at Amazon
View More on Amazon

Rose Noir & Oud Spa Scented Candle↗

Transform the Ambience of Your Bathroom With Spa Scented CandlesTransform the Ambience of Your Bathroom With Spa Scented Candles

Source: Rose Noir & Oud Candle at Amazon

View More on Amazon

Enjoy Natural Illumination

If your bathroom is dark and dingy, you must have added brighter lights so you are able to shave or do your makeup properly. But these artificial lights prove to be harsh when you are having a relaxing shower or are trying to soak in your bathtub. Lights have a significant impact on our biological clock. Harsh lights keep us alert and awake, whereas dim lights and warm lights make us feel cosy and relaxed. Scented candles create a soft, warm glow, and the play of light, flicker and shadows and help us unwind. For showers after sundown, choose a scented candle with a languid, velvety scent and slower burn.

I just love Still Water Fraser Fir because of how the glow of the 3 wicks illuminates through the Vintage quality green Heavy Glass Jar. It’s an expensive candle but the quality and experience is something out of this world. Traditionally, Fraser Fir is promoted as a winter season candle, but I have discovered that it works very well as an anytime spa scent.

Still Water Fraser Fir, Spa scented candle

Still Water Fraser Fir 

  • 3 wicks. 
  • Vintage jar.
  • Fir balsam fragrance.
  • 16 Oz. 
  • 80 hours burn time.
  • Image source: Amazon  

    Find it on Amazon  

    Transform the Ambience of Your Bathroom With Spa Scented Candles

Pamper Yourself

Self-care should always be on the card no matter how busy you get. Lighting a spa scented candle is an expression of self-care.

If you want to soak away your troubles and stress after a tough day, go for Lulu Candle in Jasmine, Oud & Sandalwood fragrance or Benevolence LA’s Lavender, Mint & Sage without any doubt. Add a glass of good wine and a good book to the dimension and you are good to go.

Jasmine, Oud & Sandalwood Lulu’s Spa Scented Candle↗

Jasmine, Oud & Sandalwood, Spa scented candles from LuluTransform the Ambience of Your Bathroom With Spa Scented Candles

Source: Jasmine, Oud & Sandalwood Lulu candle at Amazon
View More on Amazon

Lavender, Mint & Sage, Benevolence LA ↗

Benevolence LA, Lavender, Mint & Sage spa scented candles Transform the Ambience of Your Bathroom With Spa Scented Candles

Source: Benevolence LA’s Lavender, Mint & Sage at Amazon
View More on Amazon

Go to the Beach without Going to the Beach

Indulge yourself with a quick getaway to the tropical beach through Yankee Classic Candle’s Pink Sand, HHI Candles’ Island Spa or Archipelago Botanicals’ Lanai. Yankee’s Pink Sand is a medley of tangy citrus, gentle flowery, and aromatic vanilla and makes you daydream about vacationing to an exotic island and its enchanting sands.

Pink Sand, Gorgeous Yankee Spa Scented Candle ↗

Yankee Candle, Pink Sands, spa scented candle Transform the Ambience of Your Bathroom With Spa Scented Candles

Source: Yankee’s Pink Sand Candle at Amazon
View More on Amazon

HHI Candles’ Island Spa↗

HHI's Island Spa scented candleTransform the Ambience of Your Bathroom With Spa Scented Candles

Source: HHI’s Island Spa scented candle at Amazon

View More on Amazon

Archipelago Botanicals’ Lani Candle

Archipelago Botanicals, Lani, Spa scented candle Transform the Ambience of Your Bathroom With Spa Scented Candles

Source: Lani by Archipelago Botanicals at Amazon

View More on Amazon

 Island Spa pairs soothing Eucalyptus with Citrus. Meanwhile, the fresh, tropical breezy scent of Lanai’s pineapple, ginger and mandarin is sure to melt away the drabness of your routine. Island Spa has the feel of a high-end candle but the price is very reasonable. On the other hand, Botanicals’ Lanai is a luxury candle, hence, the higher price tag, but it is worth the indulgence.

If you are feeling under the weather and want to open your sinuses, go for Sweet Water Decor’s Relax Girl. It’s a potent combination of Peppermint, Cedar, Clove, and Eucalyptus that is therapeutic as well as relaxing.

Jazz Up Your Morning Bathroom Routine

You can make the preparation of the day ahead brighter and energizing by burning Mrs. Meyer’s Candle Lemon Verbena. The zesty scent is sure to awaken and energize you and make you look forward to the day ahead. If lemon scent isn’t your thing then Mia Co.’s Grapefruit is something different, pleasant and energizing.

Mrs Meyer’s Lemon Verbena, Premium Spa Scented Candles ↗

Mrs Myers, Lemon Verbena, Spa scented candles  Transform the Ambience of Your Bathroom With Spa Scented Candles

Source: Mrs Meyer’s Lemon Verbena candle at Amazon

View More on Amazon

Mia Co.’s Grapefruit Scented Spa Candle↗

Mia's Co, Grapefruit scented candleTransform the Ambience of Your Bathroom With Spa Scented Candles

Source: Mia Co.’s Grapefruit candle at Amazon

View More on Amazon

Midday Pick-Me-Up Showers

There would be so many days when your engine would run out of steam by noon due to attending to a home chore, an assignment or chasing after the kids. A quick shower can help you replenish your depleted energy reserves. A refreshing spa scented candle in the bathroom can really put the zing back in the day. The ones I highly recommend are: Chesapeake Bay’s Balance + Harmony (Water Lily Pear) and A Cheerful Giver’s Day Spa Mama Scented Glass Jar Candle.

The After-Work-Hour Unwind

Who doesn’t need relaxation and unwinding after a hectic day at work or around the house! Just run a warm bath and let the water melt your weariness away.

 Sweet Water Decor’s Lavender, Sage, Moss, Musk, Patchouli scented candle is a great choice that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

If you are looking for something really cheap but good, then Moonlit Walk & Wandering Stream from Glade candles in a 2 in 1 pack is very budget-friendly.

Furthermore, my night time routine comprises a meticulous skin cleansing and moisturizing ritual, so I like to place a dainty and pretty candle like LA JOLIE MUSE Vanilla & Coconut scented tin candle at my wash basin counter. The heavenly scent makes the time spent in my nighttime-care ritual scintillating.

Best Places for Spa Scented Candles to Add Aesthetic Beauty to Your Bathroom

Here are a few ideas about placing scented candles in your bathroom:

Utilize the Corners

If your bathroom is small and dingy, adding bath candles in the corners can add brightness, depth and a hint of mystery to your bathroom.

Capitalize the Wash Basin Counter

If you have a wash basin counter, don’t use it to place your toiletries! Put a beautiful spa scented candle there as an accessory. Even if the candle remains unlit, it is sure to catch the attention and admiration of your guests.

Capitalize the Window

If you have a window in your bathroom, you can place the candle on the sill. But you can only do this if you don’t have curtains on your window.

Make Use of the Bathtub’s Sides

Julia Karnavusha, Unsplash, path scented candles, bathroom candles
Source: Julia Karnavusha@Unsplash

Whether you are drawing a hot bubble for yourself or to enjoy it with your partner, the sides of the bathtubs can help you create a visually stunning and intensely romantic ambiance. Create a romantic bathtub with rose petals and candles. You can either place these candles around the tub or just stack two or three in the corner closest to the wall.

Use the Steps

If you have one of those luxury bathrooms (mine is a modest one!) with steps inside to descend inside your bathroom, then you can place the spa scented candles along the steps to create a welcoming environment for yourself and your guests.

Maddi Bazzocco, Unsplash, bath bomb, spa scented candles
Source: Maddi Bazzocco@Unsplash

A Word of Caution

One has to be really careful when using scented candles around the house and the bathroom is no different. But since it is a smaller space, you have to be a little bit more careful there when using bath candles.

1) keep your scented candles far far away from the toilet paper roll and towels too.

2) ever ever leave your scented candles unattended in the bathroom, especially when you have pets or young kids.

3) don’t mix spa scented candles together. Use one scent at one time.

4) If you are prone to headaches, avoid burning scented candles altogether in the bathroom, as it is a small space and the fragrance built-up can become strong.

5) If the fragrance gets too heavy and overwhelming for you, crack open the window and switch on the exhaust fan.

6) if you have guests coming over or thinking about burning scented candles in your guest bathroom, then you have to make sure that the guests are as fond of scented candles as you are. Some may find them overwhelming. So it’s a good idea to always check ahead.

7) Remember that cleaning the bathroom meticulously, keeping it well-ventilated is more important for controlling bad odors and getting rid of dampness. Spa scented and bath candles, no matter how potent and expensive they happen to be, cannot mask the smells of a poorly maintained bathroom.

The Final Thoughts

To think of the bathroom as a place where we just get our “business done” and get out is too simplistic. Considering our hectic lives, a bathroom is or can be more than that. It is sanctuary, a place where we go to not just to clean ourselves but also to re-freshen, relax and ground our energies. Bathroom candles and spa scented candles can transform and alleviate the look and feel effortlessly. I would say that it’s a worthwhile investment in one’s self-care.

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