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Unique Caramel Apple Candle in a Butter Jar Reviewed!

Unique Caramel Apple Candle in a Butter Jar Reviewed!

I know, you would say that it’s yet another apple scented candle! Don’t we have enough already! True! But once you throw in caramel and maple syrup, the result is deliciously enticing and unique! As you would discover in the review:

Caramel Apple Butter Jar Candle by Milkhouse Candle Company

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Source: Caramel Apple Butter Jar Candle by Milkhouse Candle Company at Amazon

Size: 22 Oz Burn time: 120 Hours (approx.) Ratings: 4.6 Stars Reviews: 7 Reviews


My Personal Notes

I firstly sighted this lovely candle in a friend’s rustic barn-themed kitchen. When I walked in her kitchen, I had the sensation of being at a countryside fare, where they sell those glistening from outside freshly dipped caramel apples. So it was not just the lovely rustic jar, but I was sold on the fragrance too! I had to get one for myself!

Scrumptious Balanced with Luscious

Yet there is something so enticing about the mental image of crisp apples glistening in dark, gooey caramel that makes one reach out for this candle. The top notes are of course, the apple and the caramel and the luscious buttery maple. Alongside, the spiciness of aromatic vanilla and sweet and warm cinnamon just hit the right notes! Now, this has a warm fragrance that grows on you but never overpowers.

Soy + Bees Wax = A Healthier Burn

And the fragrance profile is not the only attraction. The soy wax and beeswax combination make it one of the candles having the heathiest scented candles to burn. Thus, if you avoid paraffin wax based candles, this apple scented scented soy wax candle is something you would love! The candle has a single wick made from cotton.

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Unique, Rustic, Farmhouse Vibe

If you love collecting beautiful candleholders, then this beautiful and homely butter jar with a nifty lid and handle is sure to catch your eye. If your house has a rustic, farmhouse vibe, then this candle jar would so effortlessly complement your décor theme.

The Verdict!

The quality of the wax, the strength and longevity of the fragrance, the throw of the fragrance are good. Though the burn time is a little bit lesser than advertised (150 hours), 22 Oz go a long way! The price is good considering the size and the quality of the wax and the candleholder.

About author


I am Tia Adaline. I am a self-proclaimed scent enthusiast, a scented candle junkie.
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