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Lavender WoodWick Candle – Specifications and Review

Fall doesn’t always have to be about pumpkins and spices, sweet, gentle, floral, earthy fragrances can also help your body attuned to the season’s rhythm. Now is the best time to get hold of scented candles for fall at a discounted price. Here is a review of one of the best fall candles, i.e., WoodWick’s Lavender Candle.

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WoodWick Lavender Candle – A Premium Fall Soothing Scented

WoodWick Lavender Spa Medium Hourglass Candle, 9.7 oz.Lavender WoodWick Candle - Specifications and Review

Source: WoodWick Lavender Spa Candle at Amazon

Size: 10 oz Rating: 4.7 Reviews: 86

*item price and rating as of 19/7/22; may change at any time.


Lavender is a stress-busting, super relaxing scent. Thus, this scented candle is a great choice in the fall scented candle range. Besides the lovely scent and unique purple color, the scented candle’s distinct hour glass shape makes it particularly eye-catching. The wooden lid adds to the aesthetic touch. So this is the perfect coffee table candle.

WoodWick Lavender Candle, woodwick lavender candle review
Source: Elina Fairytale from Pexels


  • The scent is very soothing and induces that particular languid feeling of fall in your muscles, making you feel relaxed and dreamy.
  • It’s new Plus Wick technology takes the crackling experience to the whole new level. It’s just like sitting in front of a fireplace with wooden logs crackling and the fire burning warm and strong.
  • The best time to burn it after dark when you are ready to sit down with your evening coffee and a leisurely read.
  • The price is quite reasonable in terms of the estimated burn time, i.e., as long as 60 hours.


  • For those wanting a stronger scent, lavender scented candles typically are not the best fit.

Read More about WoodWick Candles, the variety, their care and getting the best burn! Click here!

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