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Your Ultimate Guide to Masculine Candle Scents

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The popularity of masculine scented candles prove that men also appreciate the use of fine fragrances and their potential to create a more relaxing ambiance around the living space aka the man cave. In fact, the instinct to indulge and enjoy, the finer things in life is irrespective of gender differences and stereotypes fragrances. That’s why masculine candle scents are not just enjoyed by men, but those women who don’t care for floral fragrances.

The right masculine candle scent for a man serves not just a means to enjoy a great fragrance, light and warmth, rather, it serves as an oasis of calm amid the chaos and annoyance of daily life. It is a means for him to kick back and relax after a hard day at work and watch his favorite game, while his favorite man candle burn away in the background.

Do men like scented candles?

Men taking scented candles unmanly or girlish is a misconception. In reality, majority of men find masculine scented candles great for relaxation and unwinding after a hard day at work. They want their living area to smell nice.

 They find burning scented candles around it tasteful and sophisticated. They understand that sophisticated women are drawn towards men who like scented candles and they see it as a way to attract and seduce women. Men enjoy getting masculine scented candles as gifts from their female partners.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Masculine Candle Scents
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14 Types of Masculine Scents Men are Drawn Towards

In this section, I have tried to cover the 14 main types of masculine candle scents that men are masculine in nature and which men are attracted towards. Many of these fragrances are mixed and matched to create mesmerizing fragrance combinations for men hygiene and lifestyle products, masculine scented candles are a part of the latter:

1. Cinnamon and Clove Scents

Men are particularly attracted to spices like cinnamon and cloves. A cinnamon scented candle offers a balance of sweetness, spiciness, and earthiness. It is the kind of candle scent that grounds you and help you grow. Cinnamon has a soft, cozy aroma associated with the comfort of home, holidays and happy company, and the coziness of fall and winter season.

2. Pumpkin and Vanilla Scents

As unusual it may sound, the sweet and spicy scent of pumpkin excite men. Actually, it’s the feelings associated with a food and festivities involving pumpkin, such as pumpkin pie. Similarly, vanilla is a classic and ever popular scent, a universally acknowledged symbol of joy. The sweet, pleasant, warm and versatile but seldom overpowering scent of vanilla triggers the care-free memories of childhood and sweet treats. Since both these scents are related to the comforts of a secure homely life, it men feel more secure and relaxed. These feeling, in turn, heightens their libido and make them feel drawn towards their partners.

3. Frankincense and Myrrh

Frankincense and Myrrh have are gum resins have a warm and aromatic vibe to them. Frankincense has distinct woody scent, with sweetness and warmth. On the other hand, myrrh has a licorice touch to it, tempered with an earthy vibe.

4. Patchouli

One of the most common scents for men is patchouli, a rich fragrance. Patchouli essential oil is extracted from an aromatic herb. It is a spicy, warm, sweet, scent and conveys a classy musky, earthy vibe. Thus, patchouli is a great choice for men in terms of candles, incense sticks and perfumes. It’s due to these qualities, patchouli is included in manly candle scents.

5. Vetiver

Another scent that has a distinct masculine touch to it is vetiver. It is fragrant, pungent, grassy, woody and earthy.

6. Bergamot

Bergamot is fruity, refreshing and soft, clean and uplifting for the senses.

7. Musk Scent

Musk is another fragrance that men dig and towards which women are drawn. The fragrance is similar to pheromones, which help men in attracting women.

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8. Sandalwood, Rosewood and Saffron Scents

Men are also attracted by woody earthy scents like sandalwood and rosewood. Because sandalwood has an eastern vibe to it, with satiny soft, musky lingering quality. Since the scent resembles the hormones secreted in the armpits of the human males, it works well as an aphrodisiac to attract women. On the other hand, rosewood has a sensual sweet floral scent and the smoothness and woodiness of the exotic rose timber. In contrast, saffron combines the sweetness of honey and the smokiness and spiciness of tobacco. Hence, saffron scented candles tend to be tantalizing and refreshing at the same time.

9. Pine Scent

Pine is commonly regarded as a woody, outdoorsy, refreshing fragrance, thus, an ideal addition in manly candle scents. Although spruce and fir tree are also regarded as woody fragrances, they are not as strong as pine.

10. Citrus and Lime Scents

Citrus scents are very vibrant and refreshing and are appreciated by both men and women. In fact, citrus fragrances wake up the senses. The tangy scents of lemon, lime, orange, clementines, grapefruit happen to be energizing. Fruity and zest smelling scented candles tend to attract men who want their senses to be refreshed.

11. Sage, Eucalyptus, Spearmint and Peppermint Candle Scents

Eucalyptus and sage are strong, camphoric scents. Although eucalyptus is a unisex fragrance, it is appreciated by men who are drawn to stronger fragrances. Eucalyptus has a cool and refreshingly tantalizing zing to it. Meanwhile, sage is often used in masculine scent to add peppery oomph. Likewise, peppermint is herby, cool and instantly refreshing.

12. Jasmine and Rose Candle Scents

Jasmine and rose are floral scents and seemingly feminine, but they do have the prowess to imbibe a satiny, silky vibe to masculine scented candles even. Jasmine scented oil is relaxing and uplifting; hence, it stimulates the sexual appetite as well. Meanwhile, rose scented oil has de-stressing properties and can lower one’s hesitation and rigidness towards the opposite sex. Thus, jasmine and rose scented candles can act as aphrodisiacs.

13. Tobacco and Cigar Candle Scents

Essentially rugged and masculine, tobacco has a warm, smooth and comforting vibe to it. Meanwhile, cigar has a languid, sweet, pungent, herby, smokiness to it.

14. Leather Candle Scent

Leather has a oakish, earthy deep, rich, pungent, loud fragrance. Naturally, it evokes a feeling of confidence and style.

Masculine Candle Scents Evoke Memory, Create Perception and Sensations

It is not just particular natural ingredients that create a particular fragrance, it is the combination of different ingredients and their positioning that evoke and recreate an experience.

Men react favorably to different scents in accordance with the association and memory they have with a particular scent. Men are very much drawn to good fragrances that represent things and activities they like indulging in or have association towards, such as a walk in the woods, a leather jacket, aged whiskey, a day at the ranch, going fishing, so on and so forth. They like manly candle scents that help in creating a perception or remind them of these adventures and sensations.
The clean smell of fresh, clean and crisp laundry can be attractive for men who are drawn to the concept of domestic harmony, comfort and familiarity.

Then the scents that evoke the nostalgic feeling reminiscent of a man’s favorite holiday, the perfect date, old library books and vinyl records, and flannel shirts capture the vibe of his favorite music playlist are sought and appreciated by men.

Then, a barbershop is excursively a male domain, associated with the male self-care. So, men associate favorably with fragrances of soap, lather, and shaving cream.

Moreover, men are more likely to respond to experiences related to the outdoors and the wild: a mountain expedition, camping in the forest, fishing nearby a river, etc. Hence, the masculine scented candles that aim to re-create these sensations are cherished by men.

Likewise, fireside and wood smoke are classic reference to a man hunting and roasting his game on an open fire. The smokiness of a wood fire would appeal the rugged, primeval side of a man.

All masculine scented candles that are boozy, sweet, rich and spicy such as whiskey, mulled cedar, bourbon and rum appeal to the hedonistic side of men.

 Likewise, Men generally prefer scents related to food; hence, a scented candle evoking the sensation of goods being baked in the kitchen is highly appetizing. Think how delicious your place would smell when you would light a scented candle replicating the aroma of fresh out of the oven goodies like a cinnamon and clove infused, rich pumpkin or apple pie, or buttery, sugary cookies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the questions people ask in relevance to men’s preferences to masculine candle scents:

What are masculine scents for candles?

Men are drawn to woody, earthy, green, spicy, smoky fragrances that give away manly vibes. Also, they prefer spicy fragrances over highly floral and perfumed ones. Furthermore, they are drawn towards amber, musk and sandalwood. Meanwhile, fragrances of tobacco, leather, whiskey are also favored by men. In candles, two or three scents are mixed together on the basis of their ability to complement one another. That’s why you found discover that your manly candle scent contains two or three notes of fragrances, with one dominating and the rest playing the role of base and middle notes.

Men are aroused by which fragrances?

Scents play a vital part in arousal, and it goes for both genders. Aphrodisiac scents fall into two broad categories: animalic and spice. Musk is an example of animalic scent that has always been revered as a powerful aphrodisiac, with the ability to attract the other gender. Musk can also be extracted from botanical sources. Jasmine is the scent closest to animalic musk. Among spicy scents, ginger, vanilla, pumpkin, cinnamon, sandalwood and saffron are the most common ones.


Do consider the aforementioned scent profiles the next time you are on the look out for the perfect masculine scented candle for yourself, a buddy or the man in your life. Sophisticated men with finer sensibilities appreciate enticing fragrances as much as women. Some popular scents they are draw towards are woody, musky, herby, earthy, spicy, so on. If you happen to be a woman hunting for the perfect gift for the guy in your life, man candle scents make a thoughtful gift for a man or even for yourself.

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